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  1. Reasons Why WordPress is the Ultimate Solution for Your Eyeglasses Website

    set up optical eshop


    The online shopping trend is gaining momentum at the fastest pace. Gone are the days when enterprises created a website to provide online users with information about their product or service.

    Today, businesses have taken a step ahead to make their products/services readily available to potential customers. It means they go for responsive websites that allow online users to make purchases directly. Well, this is beneficial for customers and owners.

    So, read on if you are planning to start your online eyeglasses store. First of all, it is the best decision, as the market of prescribed eyewear products will always flourish. Now, you would be looking for the most reliable way to set up your e-commerce site...

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  2. Building an Online Eyewear Store: The Role of WooCommerce PD measure plugin

    woocommerce pd measurement plugin


    WooCommerce is the most popular tool that helps entrepreneurs to build a dynamic e-commerce store. Powered by WordPress software, this open-source tool comes with numerous features and extensions. As a result, you can streamline your processes and improve the user experience. Below, we will look at WooCommerce PD measure extension and its role in the digital optical store.

    Understanding about PD measure plugin is helpful for an eyewear products seller/retailer and also for an optometrist WooCommerce developer. If you want to build an online optical store, you must include a pupillary measure plugin for good reasons. First of all, with the PD measurement WooCommerce plugin, your customers can add their PD measurement easily when making a purchase...

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  3. Pupillary Distance Measurement Plugin: Everything You Need to Know About

    pd measurement plugin


    If you are an eyewear business owner or planning to become one in the future, you need to understand how important pupillary distance (PD) is for your optical business. Before you create a shopping website for selling eyeglasses and lenses, you have to make sure you have the right pupillary measure plugin in place.

    But what exactly is this pupillary distance and how to accurately measure it? Well, that’s what we are going to tell you today in this article. Stick with us to learn!

    What is Pupillary Distance?


    Knowing your PD is as important as knowing your prescription when ordering a new pair of eyeglasses online. The average PD for an adult is about 63 mm and can vary widely between 51 mm and 75 mm. Y...

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  4. Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Online Optical Store on the Digital Front

    set up optical eshop

    Starting a digital eyewear store itself is a task. You need to have the necessary funds, a reliable team to develop an optical online store, a well-strategized plan, and so on. But once your optical store has been set up and you are open for business, the next step is improving your online visibility.

    Since your optical store is online, so the traditional methods of advertising will not be effective. It is because your potential buyers will search you online. Therefore, you need to optimize your online eyewear store for better visibility. If you want to know how, we have listed some proven ways to improve the online visibility of your eyewear e-commerce business below. Before understanding how to set up an eyeglasses e-store, it is essential to know how to improve your online presence.


    • Customer Service

    • ...
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  5. WordPress Contact Lens Prescription Plugin - Build Exactly the Way You Want

    contact lens prescription plugin


    E-commerce is a great way to expand your existing retail shop and start experimenting with new things. More than 2.14 billion people worldwide buy goods and services online, and that number is continuously increasing. This simply means that there’s no better time to jump on board!

    As a business owner, you can do whatever you want, solve problems, and connect with customers who love the same things as you do. But starting an online store doesn’t have to be rocket science, which is why WooCommerce provides some powerful tools and extensions to help you launch your store and reach new customers.

    Getting Started With WooCommerce


    WooCommerce is an open-source, customizable platform built on Wor...

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  6. How to Determine the Best E-Commerce Plugin? 4 Considerations to Make

    eyewear prescription plugins


    Whether you are planning to create an e-commerce store or already handling one, it is important to acknowledge the importance of integrating it with some powerful plugins. But when it comes to choosing the right e-commerce solution, one size doesn’t fit all.

    Based on your business preferences and requirements, you have to make sure you are opting for the right plugin. Take optical business for instance. If you want to sell eyeglasses and lenses on your WordPress store, there is nothing that can beat the Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin WordPress.

    In this piece of information, we will help you find out how to determine the best plugin for your e-commerce store. Let’s begin!

    1. Determine Your Plugin Needs...

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  7. Magento Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin - Your Chance to Stand Out

    magento eyeglasses prescription plugin

    If giving a great shopping experience to the customers on your eyewear e-commerce store is your main agenda, Magento is your GO-TO solution. Why? Because this next-generation technology offers a variety of extensions to breathe life into your business. Whether you are planning to sell household items, clothing accessories, or even prescription eyeglasses, Magento can never let you down. Well, that’s what over 250,000 merchants all over the world say.

    When Should You Consider a Magento Plugin?

    If you want to add a new feature or functionality to your Magento2 e-commerce store, the first thing you should do is find out what you need and why. Here, relying on a robust extension is the best way to bring your ideas to life. As Magento2 offers a lot of extensions, you can easily add the desired functionality to your online store. What’s worth mentioning is...

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  8. Why Choose WooCommerce Glasses Prescription Plugin for WordPress Websites?

    E-commerce is an ever-changing sphere. Everyday hundreds of businesses enter this sphere in order to start selling online and propel forward. If you own a retail business and wish to get it online, this is a chance to start your journey right here, right now. Stick with us to learn more.

    Choose WooCommerce to Start Selling Online   

    WooCommerce is a world-renowned plugin especially built for WordPress stores and websites. It is responsible for offering a wide range of innovative extensions to meet your e-commerce needs. By using the power of WordPress and the versatility of WooCommerce, you can easily get your online store up and running in no time.


    woocommerce prescription plugin

    With the internet and e-commerce, WooCommerce is also evolving. It is powered by a strong community of developers...

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  9. WooCommerce PD Measurement Plugin: Everything You Need to Know

    Whether you are a digital eyewear store owner selling optic products on a WooCommerce store or a programmer using the WooCommerce plugin to create an online website, having the right knowledge is essential.

    pd tool


    If you are new to the business, you may not have an idea about WooCommerce. Well, it is an open-source WordPress plugin that you can add to your optical website and boost its functionality. When it comes to PD - pupillary measure plugin, it is a tool that you must look forward to investing in your money.

    Are you wondering how PD measure plugins benefit your online eyewear store? Do not worry! We are here to help you. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about the WooCommerce PD Measure plugin.


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  10. Glasses Prescription Plugin WordPress for Your Optical Store – Get, Set, and Go!

    In today’s digital era and time, it's easy to sell things online. But what if you want to sell prescription eyeglasses online? Trying to figure out how to sell prescription eyeglasses on your e-commerce store? Stick with us to discover.


    woocommerce eyeglasses prescription plugin

    Why Sell Eyeglasses Online?

    Because you can showcase your eyewear products to myriads of customers and businesses - 24 hours a day. Plus, you can allow your shoppers to pay more safely and easily. In short, e-commerce is the most convenient way to sell and buy things online; isn’t it?

    Do you know that the eyewear market is expected to generate 11% of its total revenue through online sales this year? In simple words, this presents a tremendous opportunity for online businesses that are planning to go online. So, if you haven’t...

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