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  1. Countdown Timer: How It Drives More Sales to Your WooCommere Store?

    role of countdown timer

    As a store owner, you should not miss out on any opportunity that brings more sales. It is even critical when the competition in the eyewear industry is at its peak. In recent years, many prescription eyewear retailers have shifted to the internet. Customers buy products online for a good experience and quality services. 


    The first step to meeting their needs involves choosing the best platform for your e-commerce store. Since you have picked WooCommerce, you can leverage countless benefits. It offers numerous design templates that ensure easy customization. 


    In addition, it has plugins like WooCommerce Glasses and Lenses Prescription, Countdown Timer, and more. By installing these add-ons to your eyewear e-store, you can take it to another...

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  2. Improving Your Store User Experience? 4 Must-have WordPress Plugins


    Are you starting your online eyewear store? 


    First of all, congratulations! You must be excited to be your boss. Although running a business is not a 5-to-9 job, it is a full-time job. It takes blood and sweat to make your start-up a big success. 


    Remember, no matter how advanced your optical store is, it is worth nothing if it fails to offer a great user experience. It is the key to the most successful businesses around the globe. 


    WordPress plugins are the best way to add more functionality to your WooCommerce eyewear store. As a result, it improves your user experience and encourages them to complete the order. In this post, we will discuss the best plugins to boost the user experience of your optical e-commerce site. 


    Top WordPress plugins to...

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  3. Best Practices to Improve the Security of Your Eyewear Magento Store

    Magento online store


    Hackers are in constant search of e-commerce sites with vulnerabilities. As they suspect a lack of security, the first thing they do is attack its data and customers’ details. Therefore, ensuring top-notch protection for your optical e-store is crucial.


    Since you are building an eyewear store on Magento or already have one, you have plus points. That is, it offers top-level security by default. In addition to this, the platform has the best Magento extensions. These add-ons help you add the necessary features and functionalities to your eyewear store. As a result, you can gain a competitive e...

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  4. Best Practices to Sell Your Eyewear Products at a Higher Price

    Woocommerce Eye Glasses Lenses Prescription Plugin




    When the competition is high, businesses cut down the prices to ensure maximum sales. It is not uncommon for retailers or e-commerce owners to reduce product costs to appeal to low-price shoppers. But this tactic requires too much energy while compromising profits.


    If you are thinking of following the same journey, it isn't necessary. You can sell off your eyewear products without reducing the price. In this way, you can improve your profit margins. You can still please your consumers, provided you follow the right strategy. That's why we are writing this post. It has everything you need to know about selling your eyewear products at your price.


    We will talk about these practices in a while. But first...

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  5. Plugin Conflict: How to fix it in Your WooCommerce Eyewear Store?

    Insight into solving plugin conflict in your Woocommerce store

    Plugins and extensions are an excellent addition to WooCommerce stores. These are nothing but small software that boosts the features and functionality of your online store.


    A few years back, installing plugins to the WooCommerce store was optional. But today, it is a necessity. By 2022, online retailers selling prescription eyeglasses have increased significantly. As a result, the digital space has become more competitive than ever. The best way to stand out from the crowd is by offering custom services. And installing WooCommerce plugins is the easiest way to achieve the same.


    For example, if you are building or have an eyewear e-store, add-ons like the Contact Lenses Prescription plugin can take your store to another level. But if your plugin is not written accurately, you may face plugin conflict. It can impact the performance of your website...

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  6. Implementing Magento 2 Extensions into Your Store: Best Practices

    How to install Magento extension to your e-store accurately?

    We have several reasons to love Magento for e-commerce development. The most prominent is its incredible plugins and extensions. You might have heard experts saying that installing the right add-on is essential to boost the functionality of your e-store. The correct installation also plays a vital role.


    Magento has extensions to meet the needs and requirements of your store. The platform offers both free and premium Magento 2 extensions. You can choose depending on your budget and preferences. But these add-ons are useless if you fail to install them appropriately. Here, you will learn the best ways to install your Magento 2 extensions. Before getting into these, let us know some benefits of extensions for your eyewear store.


    • How do Magento 2 extensions benefit
    • ...
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  7. Order Tracking and Improved Customer Purchasing: Are they Related?

    Can order tracking boost your Magento store sales?

    Do you want to build a successful online eyewear business? If yes, we recommend you choose Magento 2 platform. There are countless reasons to support what we said.


    • Firstly, Magento 2 is a comprehensive e-commerce platform.
    • It comes with various features that improve your store user experience.
    • Magento 2 has thousands of free templates.
    • It flaunts free and premium Magento 2 extensions that help build a better relationship with customers. It will turn customers into loyal customers and eventually increase your sales.


    But having a well-built Magento optical store is not enough for a successful business. If you want to improve your store purchasing, add value to your customer experience. Order fulfillment is one element to achieve the same. And order tracking plays...

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  8. Discussed: How to Personalize Your WooCommerce transactional Emails?

    As an e-commerce store owner, you should aim to offer the best services to customers. From products to user experience, customer services and conversations should be top-notch. Remember, your customers notice everything, even the order emails you send.

    It may seem unrealistic, but your transactional emails play an essential role in encouraging customers to shop again. And if you send boring ads, they may put off your consumers. The chances they may not choose your store for shopping next time. Moreover, people are fussy about selecting a prescription store for shopping.

    WooCommerce: A platform offering thousands of plugins and extensions

    Do you know your transactional emails can leave a lasting impression on your customers? Therefore, it is advisable to customize order emails from your eyewear store. E-commerce store plugins and extensions from WooCommerce help personalize your...

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  9. Improving Checkout Process of Your Magento Eyewear Store: Top Extensions

    magento store

    High cart abandonment is a nightmare for e-commerce store owners.


    For example, you have built a well-designed e-commerce store to sell quality prescription eyeglasses. Besides this, you have invested enough time and money in promoting your products online. Your potential customer even added a product to the cart. But just before the checkout, they left your e-store. What did go wrong?


    Your customers abandon their carts because of the complicated and time-consuming checkout process. And if you have built your optical store on Magento 2, this issue may be more common. Why?


    The default Magento 2 does not have many options for checkout customization. Fortunately, Magento has countless extensions that help you add the necessary features to your eyewear store. There are both free and premium Magento extensions. With these add-ons, you can customize your...

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  10. 5 Conversion-boosting Extensions for Your WooCommerce Store

    boosting woocommerce extensions

    The time and efforts you put into promoting your WooCommerce store are worthless if there are no conversions. Today, the online space is highly competitive. So, it is not easy to impress your customers when several other retailers sell similar products.


    A few years ago, only a few retailers used to sell prescription eyewear products online. But during the pandemic, more businesses switched to online services to meet the needs of consumers.


    As a result, it increased the competitiveness in the eyewear industry. That is why achieving desired conversion rate and revenue growth requires more effort. But the best thing is WooCommerce has plugins and extensions that help you elevate your business in no time effortlessly. Depending on your goals and needs, you can stick to in-built or buy the best premium WooCommerce plugins.



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