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SoftProdigy Store was started with the idea of providing the best extensions and other aids to run an E-commerce store successfully. A dedicated team of developers at SoftProdigy works day in and day out to provide out-of-the-box ideas that can go a long way in promoting an online store. These extensions are geared towards catering to the consumer needs of an online store and providing an advanced and simplified shopping experience online. This in turn helps online retailers improve their sales and become crowd favorites. SoftProdigy has always been at the forefront of technology and has introduced unique promotional techniques that work by simplifying the navigation on the website, providing an effective user interface, addressing the gaps as well as exploiting the opportunities in the E-commerce process.

After having a stronghold in the field of Magento Extensions, SoftProdigy has forayed into the WooCommerce domain. WooCommerce is coming up as the next platform of choice for online store owners and extensions built for the WooCommerce platform are being extremely well received. The WooCommerce extensions serve various needs that customers or online retailers have in order to make shopping in online stores a more pleasant experience.


SoftProdigy has been deemed as one of the finest providers of adroit extensions for making E-commerce simpler. Some of the traits that make it stand apart from the rest include:

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1. Cutting Edge Extensions

SoftProdigy is famed for providing the best and the most well-thought-out extensions that serve specific purposes and make the shopping experience on a store a lot better.

2. Store Upgrade

A store upgrade is an important step in the life cycle of your online store. The expert developers at SoftProdigy provide high-quality and affordable upgrade services. Our team has vast experience in the field and has run several successful upgrades for major stores. The third-party modules, custom designs, and themes are taken care of during the upgrade process.

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3. Store Migration

Store owners often feel the need to shift their site to a different and more fruitful platform and for this, they seek professional assistance. Migration of store to a different platform is difficult if attempted by a non-technical person. SoftProdigy houses a team of experts who make the transition process hassle-free.

4. Store’s Theme Designing

The team at SoftProdigy can design themes from scratch based on the client’s vision. It makes sure to add elements that would make the store stand out in terms of quality.

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5. Consultation

Apart from the regular services, we also provide consultation to online retailers in order to better manage and run their online stores. We have amassed a good amount of experience in the field over the years while working on several E-commerce projects, and this experience makes us capable of understanding and providing quick solutions for client’s varied problems related to their online store.

6. Quality Consciousness

Quality consciousness is followed like a religion throughout the company and no product crosses the threshold unless it is tested for supreme quality.

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7. Flexible and Easy Licensing

The extensions built at the SoftProdigy store are extremely flexible and do not pose any licensing problem once the extension is purchased.

8. Reliable and Quick

SoftProdigy is a reliable source of extensions that provides quick solutions to a diverse range of problems and at the same time addresses customer concerns through a great system of customer support.

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