What do you need to know before starting your eyewear store? For a long time, selling prescribed glasses and lenses online remained slow. People were unsure about purchasing optical products online. After all, these products are not like others. You have to consider more than size and color when it comes to eyewear products. Therefore, it seemed a bit challenging. One mistake can ruin the shopping experience of the customers and the reputation of the eyewear store. 

That's why we recommend that eyewear store owners must always choose the right platform and technologies to build their e-store. And WooCommerce is currently the leading option in the industry!

WooCommerce has excellent features, thousands of plugins, beautiful template designs, etc. Add-ons like WordPress Contact Lens Prescription plugin and Virtual Try-On have changed the game of selling optical products on the internet. 

For example, the Lens Prescription WordPress plugin helps you build your eyewear store quickly and hassle-free. Also, it allows your customers to add their prescription and select lens type before placing the order. 

Like this, WooCommerce has numerous free and paid plugins to boost the functionality of your eyewear e-store. Before creating your e-commerce site to sell prescribed glasses, here are some things to know. 

1. Eyewear retail is the new kid in the digital space 


As mentioned, shopping for prescription eyeglasses online was not as common before as it is today. People turned to online solutions to buy eyewear products during the pandemic. We know that physical stores were unavailable to prevent the COVID-19 spread. For this reason, the eyewear industry is known as the new kid in the field. However, it has flourished significantly within a few years. Now, retail owners can sell protective, fashionable, and prescribed eyeglasses. 




2. Shifting tides in the industry 


Depending on eye doctors to get a pair of prescribed eyeglasses is a thing of the past. It is inconvenient because you have to visit the doctor several times. Also, they have limited design options. But things are changing. Customers today want both corrective and fashionable eyeglasses. That is where e-commerce stores came into play. 

With online retail stores, customers can access a range of glasses in different styles, features, and colours. Also, the prices of prescription eyeglasses have been reduced from pricey to affordable. Thanks to discounts and offers. All this creates a win-win situation for consumers. Did we mention customers buy eyewear products from the comfort of their homes with a few clicks? 

The cutting-edge technology has taken selling prescription glasses to the next level. Online users can get their eyeglasses customized while leveraging trendy eyewear accessories. One thing that has taken the industry by storm is the real-time shopping experience. By installing the Virtual Try-On plugin to your WooCommerce store, you can help shoppers see and compare before purchasing. 

If we sum up, WordPress is the primary contributor to these shifting tides. And it will continue to do so in the coming years. 




3. WordPress brought eyewear stores online 


We just said in the last point that WordPress plays a vital role in helping eyewear retailers to go online. They realized that most customers prefer online solutions to buy eyewear products. However, they were intimidated to take the step, as selling corrective eyeglasses is different from other products like sunglasses. 

The fear hovered until they found WordPress, an open-source and robust e-commerce platform. It offers everything a retail owner needs to run their eyewear business smoothly. Firstly, it is open-source, which means you do not have to pay any licensing fee. Over the years, WordPress has established itself as one of the superior technologies for creating dynamic e-commerce sites. 

Also, you do not have to worry about dissolving your brand with WordPress. It allows entrepreneurs to build their eyewear stores quickly and easily. Moreover, its ability to customize will keep your brand image intact. 

WordPress has a feature-rich plugin called WooCommerce. It is perfect to set up your optical store because it is flexible and open-source. You can easily create an e-commerce store using free templates and plugins if you have a limited budget. On the other hand, you can leverage its premium features, design templates, and plugins to get a competitive site. For example, the Lens Prescription WordPress plugin lets you craft an e-store with select lenses and add prescription options. 




4. WordPress Contact Lens Prescription plugin is a boon 


The WooCommerce Contact Lens plugin is one of the many key features of WooCommerce. The more we talk about this add-on, the lesser it is. With the help of this plugin, you can add the necessary options to the optical store. These are lens strength, power, sphere, or more. As a result, online users can mention their specifications before ordering prescription eyewear products. 

What makes this plugin essential for eyewear stores is that it ensures fast and easy setup. Are you wondering how it does that? It comes with in-built functionalities you need for your e-commerce site and individual pages. So, when you incorporate this plugin, you automatically get it all without coding. 

In closing 

We have learned how WordPress solved the problem of eyewear retailers getting their products online. Today, it is one of the leading platforms for building high-performing e-commerce sites that meet the needs and goals of modern businesses. Before you get confused between WordPress and WooCommerce, you should know that what you can do with WordPress, you can also do with WooCommerce. If you need a business-grade customized store, hire the best e-commerce development company to help you set everything right. 

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