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  1. Building an Online Eyewear Store: The Role of WooCommerce PD measure plugin

    woocommerce pd measurement plugin


    WooCommerce is the most popular tool that helps entrepreneurs to build a dynamic e-commerce store. Powered by WordPress software, this open-source tool comes with numerous features and extensions. As a result, you can streamline your processes and improve the user experience. Below, we will look at WooCommerce PD measure extension and its role in the digital optical store.

    Understanding about PD measure plugin is helpful for an eyewear products seller/retailer and also for an optometrist WooCommerce developer. If you want to build an online optical store, you must include a pupillary measure plugin for good reasons. First of all, with the PD measurement WooCommerce plugin,...

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  2. Pupillary Distance Measurement Plugin: Everything You Need to Know About

    pd measurement plugin


    If you are an eyewear business owner or planning to become one in the future, you need to understand how important pupillary distance (PD) is for your optical business. Before you create a shopping website for selling eyeglasses and lenses, you have to make sure you have the right pupillary measure plugin in place.

    But what exactly is this pupillary distance and how to accurately measure it? Well, that’s what we are going to tell you today in this article. Stick with us to learn!

    What is Pupillary Distance?


    Knowing your PD is as important as knowing your prescription when ordering a new pair of eyeglasses online. The average PD for an adult is about 63 mm and can vary widely between 51 mm and 75 mm. Y...

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  3. How Can You Measure Your PD Easily?

    When it comes to lenses, you need to measure your pupillary distance (PD) in order to get the perfect pair of eyewear. It is actually the distance between the centres of your pupils, which helps you determine where to put the optical centre on each lens so that when you look through the lens, it should be as accurate as possible.

     PD is usually measured in millimetres. An average adult’s PD measurement lies between 54 and74 mm and for kids, it’s between 43 and 58 mm. You can obtain your PD value from an eye doctor, or you can measure it yourself. Here’s how:

    1. You need to stand about 8"away from a mirror.
    2. Now have a small ruler, pencil, and paper in pl
    3. ...
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  4. How to get your User's PD (Pupillary Distance) Online?

    Do you own an online optical store? If so, then it’s necessary to have the pupillary distance feature in place. Though any optometrist or optician can measure it, you need to avail your store with this amazing feature so that your shoppers will have an ultimate buying experience. However, if you don’t know where to begin, we are here to assist you.


    pd tool

    What is Pupillary Distance?

    Also known as PD, pupillary distance refers to the distance between pupils. It is measured in millimetres and plays an important role inordering eyeglasses online. Many eyeglasses manufacturers make the best-fitting lenses by using this number, helping users see as clearly as possible.


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