pd measurement plugin


If you are an eyewear business owner or planning to become one in the future, you need to understand how important pupillary distance (PD) is for your optical business. Before you create a shopping website for selling eyeglasses and lenses, you have to make sure you have the right pupillary measure plugin in place.

But what exactly is this pupillary distance and how to accurately measure it? Well, that’s what we are going to tell you today in this article. Stick with us to learn!

What is Pupillary Distance?


Knowing your PD is as important as knowing your prescription when ordering a new pair of eyeglasses online. The average PD for an adult is about 63 mm and can vary widely between 51 mm and 75 mm. You can visit an optometrist or optician to help you in measuring your accurate PD.

How to Determine PD of Your Shoppers?


It can be tricky to measure the PD of your shoppers, but not with the WooCommerce PD measure plugin. The tool is accurate and fast and only needs a camera and a standard credit card to determine your customer’s PD. The WooCommerce PD Measure Extension allows your customers to add their PD details to their orders before buying an eyewear product.

The plugin requires your shoppers to enter their PD details before adding the product to the cart. And if they don’t have it, the plugin will automatically determine their PD.

How the Pupillary Measure Plugin Actually Works?


First, the WooCommerce PD Measure Extension lets your shoppers click a link to measure their PD on the product page. Then it asks them to position themselves in the camera with a credit card held up to their chin. The credit card should be positioned in such a way that it allows the plugin to get a point of reference and determine the PD measurement. Lastly, the eyewear seller will verify the placed order and the shopper’s PD before shipping the product.

Final Words


What sets the PD Measurement Plugin apart is its controlled accuracy and immediate results. The plugin is very easy to integrate and can help you optimize your optical e-store.So, make up your mind and get your PD Measurement Plugin installed today!