woocommerce pd measurement plugin


WooCommerce is the most popular tool that helps entrepreneurs to build a dynamic e-commerce store. Powered by WordPress software, this open-source tool comes with numerous features and extensions. As a result, you can streamline your processes and improve the user experience. Below, we will look at WooCommerce PD measure extension and its role in the digital optical store.

Understanding about PD measure plugin is helpful for an eyewear products seller/retailer and also for an optometrist WooCommerce developer. If you want to build an online optical store, you must include a pupillary measure plugin for good reasons. First of all, with the PD measurement WooCommerce plugin, your customers can add their PD measurement easily when making a purchase. Let us delve deeper to understand the importance of WooCommerce PD measure extension in an online eyewear products store.

  • How a pupillary measure plugin helps your eyewear store?


To ensure your users get the right prescription glasses, you must measure the pupillary distance without errors. When it comes to PD, it is not a medical record. But it helps in ordering correct eyeglasses, both online and offline. If you are wondering, what if I do not install the WooCommerce PD measure extension? In such a case, the eyeglasses will fail to function and result in dizziness and blurriness for your customers. We will later explain its role in the online optical store. It leads to a bad experience and eventually affects your store's reliability and credibility.

On the other hand, your life as an optical store owner will be much easier with the WooCommerce PD measure extension. For example, this extension comes with some prominent features like speed, accuracy, and ease of use, making it a reliable tool for online eyewear store owners. Don't forget your customers will get eyeglasses that feel and look good? Please remember, a good experience is equivalent to customer retention and further recommendations, which will increase your sales.

  • What is the importance of the WooCommerce PD measure plugin?


As mentioned already, pupillary distance extension helps to calculate the PD of your customers accurately and quickly. If your PD is incorrect, the customer will not be able to see clearly and cause fatigue and strain. It must be noted that the higher the prescription, the more significant will be the effect of an incorrect PD. It is understandable why it is essential to integrate a pupillary distance measurement extension to your eyewear store.

When we talk about how to use it, the process is quite simple. Your customer needs a camera, along with a standard card with a magnetic stripe. It involves using the PD Measurer module and clicking a selfie while placing a card below the nose.

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In closing


Whether you already own an online optical store or planning to start one, the PD measurement plugin is a must-have. It will improve the overall user experience, which leads to more sales. Get it today and improve your online eyewear business.