A list must- have whatsapp plugins for your wordpress store

Do you want to have better reach for your eyewear store? If yes, look for proven ways to attract more traffic. Connecting your optical e-commerce site to social media networking sites is one way. It makes communication with customers more accessible and hassle-free. As a result, it boosts customers' experience, which leads to more sales. 


Since you are using WooCommerce to build your optical e-store, you have an added advantage. It has a range of plugins and extensions that make the process easier. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. It means you have access to all WordPress plugins for your e-commerce store. In this post, we will focus on WhatApp’s plugins for WordPress. 


1. WhatsApp Connect plugin for WordPress

WhatsApp is a popular messaging tool among all age groups. By integrating this texting platform into your WooCommerce store, you can connect to billions. Moreover, it helps you share your content using WhatsApp.

But how to do it? 

WhatsApp Connect plugin for WordPress allows you to bring the WhatsApp experience to your store. 


Do you want to connect with your customers/clients via WhatsApp? If yes, install this plugin in your eyewear store. It helps you support customers directly, so you can build trust and get more loyal customers. Here are some exciting features of the WhatsApp Chat plugin.

* You can add multiple accounts in a WhatsApp box.

* It has a short code that allows you to display your WhatsApp box anywhere. 

* You do not need code to install this plugin to your eyewear store.


2. WP WhatsApp Button

Another excellent WhatsApp plugin to consider for your WooCommerce store is WhatsApp Contact Button. It is an easy-to-use plugin that you can use to chat with prospects and customers on WhatsApp. However, the WP WhatsApp Button plugin is different from other WhatsApp plugins. How? It enables users to gain access to 10 hover animations and 10 templates. Other unique features of the WP WhatsApp Button plugin are:

* It is compatible with both desktops and mobile devices. It works with any design theme. 

* You can leverage a customized button and pop-up window. 

* It supports cross-browser.

* It has a simple and intuitive user interface.

* This plugin is easy to use. 

3. WhatsApp Button by Userlike

What makes Userlike more interesting is that it is not a standard plugin for WhatsApp. Instead, it is a website chat solution with a WhatsApp channel. 


So, by activating your WhatsApp in the Userlike, you allow your website visitors to choose what they want. For example, they can interact with you using the website or WhatsApp. Also, they can pick other messaging channels. It means the uses of Userlike are not limited to WhatsApp and web chat. 


Moreover, installing Userlike to your WooCommerce eyewear is easy that allows connecting to visitors within minutes using WhatsApp. If your focus is on offering professional support to your customers, WhatsApp Button by Userlike is your match. Why not? It has professional features like chat analytics, advanced routing, chatbots, etc. Besides this, Userlike has a lot more beneficial features. 

* You can get a customized plugin based on your e-commerce site design. 

* It is a multi-messaging plugin that helps you connect to apps such as Messenger, Facebook, Threema, Telegram, etc. 

* It lets you share different types of content like images, videos, and documents. 

* It offers canned messages that ensure faster support. 

* You can invite visitors for a chat. It has a great “Live Preview” feature that helps you find everything customers and visitors type before sending.


4. CrestaWhatsApp Chat 

The next option on the list is CrestaWhatsApp Chat. It helps you interact with your audience through WhatsApp. Thanks to this incredible plugin for WordPress, your visitors and customers can reach out to you with a click of a button. Unlike other plugins, CrestaWhatsApp Chat does not involve juggling around multiple buttons. 

You can also use its mobile version if you want to target audiences on mobile. The best thing about this version is your customers can open your WhatsApp automatically. Thus, depending on their preference, they can send direct messages via your WhatsApp number or use WhatsApp web for conversation. 


In addition, it comes with several features like an option to add animations or alter box buttons' colors and sizes. 

In closing 

If you want your e-commerce store to stand out, offer a personalized experience to your shoppers. The best way to do so is by adding plugins that improve the functionality of your eyewear e-store. With these plugins, you can help your customers connect with you through WhatsApp and share their queries anytime. As a result, it will improve their shopping experience, and your business will grow. 


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