Insight into key features of Blue dart shipment pluginWhether you want to start your e-commerce store to sell prescribed eyeglasses or have an existing store. In both cases, you cannot taste success if you fail to fulfill customers' needs and demands.


Today, consumers want everything like a hassle-free shopping experience, quality products, and transparency. For example, they want to know each detail of shipping. It includes the date of confirmation, dispatching, shipping, and delivery. It means your shipping strategy must have live tracking. In this way, your customers will know the exact date when their order will arrive. Also, it will give them a sense of peace of mind.


With WooCommerce as your e-commerce solution, it is easy to offer live shipment tracking. All thanks to Blue Dart Shipment Tracking plugin. We will get into the details of this Woocommerce plugin. Let us start with the basics.


What is Blue Dart Shipment Tracking?

Blue Dart Shipment Tracking is a premium plugin available for WooCommerce users. It has various features that make customers feel more secure and confident when placing an order. For instance, your users can check whether Cash on Delivery is available for a specific product and location. Moreover, they can take advantage of live tracking. How to get started with Blue Dart plugin? Let us find out.


How to activate your Blue Dart plugin?

For example, you have installed this plugin on your eyewear e-commerce site. You require details to get your plugin started working appropriately. After this only, you can deliver a hassle-free shipping experience to your customers. Therefore, to activate your Blue Dart plugin, you need details like License Key, password, Login ID, address details, logo for PDF, dimensions, and address details. Below, we will see in detail how Blue Dart Shipping Tracking benefits your WooCommerce store offers.


Key features of the Blue Dart Shipping Tracking plugin for WooCommerce

Like other WooCommerce plugins, Blue Dart Shipping Tracking improves user experience. As a result, it boosts your eyewear store traffic and sales. Here are some exciting features of this plugin that help your store to grow.


1. Check Cash on Delivery availability


What do you think customers look for when shopping online? Besides quality and cost-effective products, they prefer sites that provide a “Cash on Delivery” option. With the rise in online malware, people are skeptical about online shopping. And purchasing products from an e-commerce store that does not offer COD is a big no-no. To expand your business reach, you should offer COD to all locations.


Fortunately, Blue Dart Shipment tracking plugin allows your visitors to check the availability of COD in their locations. They can check this on the product page. It helps in saving their time and effort. Otherwise, they have to add the product to the cart and fill in the details only to know the unavailability of the COD option. On the other hand, you get notified, and accordingly, you can integrate the option for your potential customers.


Moreover, using this feature is very easy. All your customers need to do is enter their area code, and instantly they will know if COD is available or not.


2. Order tracking


Customers want ultimate transparency throughout the process, even their shipment. That is where live tracking comes into play. By installing Blue Dart Shipment Tracking plugin to your eyewear store, you can let customers check the order status at any time. With live tracking, they will know the exact location of their products. In short, they will have information from the processing date to the expected delivery.


3. Product Status

It is the extension of order tracking. If your eyewear store has this WooCommerce plugin installed, your customers can check product status with each. When someone places an order, it goes through various stages like processing, shipped, picked up, and dispatched. So, with Blue Dart Shipment Tracking, they will know the exact status of their product.


4. Generating AWB number


Another feature of the Blue Dart Tracking WooCommerce plugin is its ability to generate an Airway Bill (AWB) number. The best thing is it helps generate single and even multiple AWB numbers. But what is the significance of this number?


Well, an Airway Bill number is a legal document of goods by an airline. It allows tracking of shipment while serving as a guide to delivering goods to the appropriate location. Besides this, the AWB number acts as an agreement of carriage between the shipper and carrier.


After generating the AWB number, the plugin will create a PDF file. It has all the necessary information related to the customer's order. Once the shipment is confirmed, you can email this PDF to the sales department.


In closing


Based on this discussion, it is clear that Blue Dart Shipment Tracking plugin is an excellent add-on to your eyewear store. Are you trying to stand out from your competitors? Then consider this plugin. However, make sure it fits your needs and budget. After all, it is a premium plugin. For this, you need to hire a reliable WooCommerce services provider. They will help you choose the best match for your e-commerce site.


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