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WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Plugin

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WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Plugin is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that helps online selling of contact lens type products based on the Power, Cylinder, Axis, Base curve & Diameter of both the eyes of the customer.

  • Complete solution for online lens products selling E-commerce store
  • Displays pre-configured options for fields of lens type products
  • Allow lens purchase for single and/or both eyes
  • Auto create fields like curve, power, diameter etc.
  • Preview ordered prescription details on cart page, checkout & order view pages etc.

Backend demo details:

User Name: DemoUser

Password: J*eO]NSpContactLens

WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Plugin is a big boon for eye contact lens buyers as well as eyewear store admins need. It helps buyers specify all the details of the lens for the right and left eye they want to purchase. As for store owners, it acts as a medium they need to get all the information specified by the customers on the frontend. All in all, it makes online selling of eye contact lenses easy on the basis cylinder, Axis, Base curve and Diameter of customers’ both eyes.


woman putting contact lens


The customer can enter this prescription in a special form on the product view page. The prescription is saved as a WooCommerce custom product option and is visible on the checkout page while ordering the product and on WooCommerce admin order details. The prescription is also saved in the customer account, the customer can view/modify his prescription.

The wealth of features incorporated in it:

> It is a complete package of solutions E-commerce store selling eye contact lens type products.

> Allow admin to show pre-configured options related to the fields of lens type products.

> Makes shopping of lens for single as well as both eyes possible.

> Offers automatic creation of fields called curve, power, diameter and many more.

> With WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Extension, a hassle-free preview of ordered prescription details on the cart page, checkout & order pages is possible.

> Offers hassle-free addition of new attribute fields on the basis of lens type.

> Offers compatibility with tier pricing.

How does WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Extension work?

The sale and purchase of eye contact lenses, on the basis of medical prescription on the digital front, is like cracking a hard nut. It is because this whole process involves the successful fulfillment of multiple steps or things. This is exactly where this extension compatible with WooCommerce proves its value.

 It helps admins to display lens products with every single prescription with ease. Admin need not worry about the variety of eyewear in terms of the following:

> Style

> Brand

> Other configurations



WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Plugin has been loaded with the wealth of many useful features. This wealth of features offers admins hassle-free creation and management of custom lens product options like Power, Cylinder, Axis, Base curve and diameter and many more automatically.


shopping cart sample image ecommerce store 

This extension has been mainly designed and developed to help admins handle a number of key tasks efficiently. As a result, your customers get the right product and does not end up landing on to any other your competitor’s website or store. All in all, it is a very good sign for your online business. 


shopping cart sample image ecommerce store 

More importantly Contact Lenses Prescription WordPress Plugin reduces the complexities involved in the whole process and significantly takes your customers’ online eyewear buying experience to a whole new level of positivity.

Let’s know its key features in detail:

WooCommerce contact lens extension set up:

Access the marketplace for initiating the installation of WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Extension. In case you need more information in this regard, check here.

WooCommerce contact lens extension configuration:

The List Backend Features Of WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Plugin
The ease of installation and activation. It hardly takes a minute or two to get installed. Once the installation procedure is carried out successfully, follow the steps mentioned below to activate it:
  • Just login to your WooCommerce account and scroll down to get to the Plugins option.
  • This is where you will see options to Activate and Delete Advanced Lens WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Just click on Activate option available there and it is activated.

General Configuration:

First of all, you need to choose the product type for the creation and addition of lens product groups.


Options for customization:

You should configure the customization options you want. This extension provides you multiple fields for eye lens product. All of these fields are always ready-to-be-used.




Customized configuration, base curve, diameter, power and addition field are these fields. This extension acts as the medium store owner need for configuring the values and adding relevant fields for both the eyes. Once all this is done, admin gets the luxury of saving the configuration.


product order details sample image


How to make use of a prescription contact lens:

The process is very simple. First of all, you need to choose the lens you wish to purchase. Finally, your customers are all set to choose eye lenses for both of their eyes with correct prescription as well as quantity.


The next steps involve the configuration of your eye contact lens with all of the custom values specified on the basis of prescription for both of the eyes. The quality and level of adaptability provided by WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Extension help customers purchase lenses confidently.


Once the eye contact lens is added to the cart, every single prescription for the order will be available on all relevant pages for customers as well as the admin. The list of these pages includes but is not limited to cart page and order review page only.


WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Extension can actually add a lot more value to your online eyewear business as compared what you are reading here about.  In case you are interested, we will be more than happy to assist or guide you about it.

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