How to boost your woocommerce store sales?
Are you planning to launch your WooCommerce eyewear store? Or do you already have a well-established retail business? Regardless of where your online business is, this post has valuable information for you. Later, we will list actionable hacks to improve your sales. These will help you overcome ongoing and future sale challenges. But first, you should know why WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce. 

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress e-commerce plugin. It provides essential features like inventory management, easy navigation, secure payments, hassle-free shipping, etc. Do you know it has excellent flexibility? As a result, you can add free and premium best WooCommerce extensions and themes to your retail store. It makes managing your optical store more convenient. 

If you want to install plugins or third-party extensions to your online store, you can visit the official WooCommerce marketplace. It gives you access to thousands of paid and free plugins. On the other hand, you can buy WooCommerce add-ons from individual companies and contributors like SoftProdigy. We are the top e-commerce solution provider known for quality services. 

Regardless of the incredible perks of using WooCommerce, selling eyewear products can still be challenging. After all, the industry is getting more competitive than ever. 


1. Offer discount coupons 


Discount coupons are the best way to attract potential customers to your WooCommerce e-store. But make sure your offer is good enough that most of your customers accept it. Therefore, it is best to personalize your discount coupons based on the previous promotions. Accordingly, you can decide the validity of the coupons, the eligibility (new, old, or all customers), and the availability (specific or all products). 

The coupon-distributing tactic lets you take full charge of whom you want to target. That means you can focus on new customers or retarget your passive customers. A reliable distribution channel is a must to ensure an effective promotion campaign.


2. Consider a loyalty points program


Do you want to retain existing customers while drawing new ones? Then a loyalty program is an ideal option. The award prizes or rewards on every buy will encourage your customers to return to your eyewear store. It will result in repetitive purchases, which increase your sales remarkably. 

If you want your customers to become loyal customers, discounts and exclusive deals should increase progressively. To help you in this regard, we have a plugin for you. The WooRewards plugin allows you to add a comprehensive loyalty program to your e-store. Besides this, you can choose from the premium best WooCommerce extensions and themes available in the marketplace. 


3. Host a contest 


Online contests are a crucial part of social media marketing these days. With this tactic, you can engage with your potential audience. It will help you generate more traffic and boost your brand reach. If you plan to host a contest, it should not be like others in the digital space. Instead, your idea must have a wow factor to lure new and existing customers. 

It is a perfect time for your marketing team to unleash the power of creativity and organize an out-of-the-box contest. In this way, you can increase WooCommerce sales. 

A pro-tip: A single big contest may fail to bring the desired results. Therefore, organize a series of short contests. It will keep your visitors engaged and build hype. 


4. Announce special events 


As a store owner, you should not forget to observe special events at the store level. It includes launch anniversaries, a VIP customer's special day, and any special day related to your brand. Who does not like events? They are full of glamor, fun, and free goodies. If done right, these events can help you increase your WooCommerce sales while improving conversions.


5. Organize flash sales


Flash sale is another popular marketing technique to draw more customers to your store and increase sales. It creates a sense of urgency among visitors as it offers discounts or offers for a limited period. Also, the stocks run out faster than ever. So, when visitors see products selling fast and the clock ticking, it results in a purchase. They do not want to feel miss out and lose the opportunity. 

If you are facing slow sales, it is an effective tactic to get your products off the market. The best way to promote flash sales is via social media channels. 


6. Provide benefits to customers


Most retail owners tend to explain the features of their products first. Although there is nothing wrong with doing so, it is not beneficial. If your target is to attract new customers, it will be better to list the benefits. 

Explain it in such a way that your product is the solution to their problems. If your products meet their needs and demands, they will make a purchase. To further improve their shopping experience, you can install plugins like the Virtual Try-On plugin. It helps consumers test and compares before buying eyewear products. Plus, they can check the feel and look of the eyeglasses. Hence, they will be more confident about their purchase. 

The bottom line 

These are the best tips to increase your WooCommerce store sales. If you ever face any sales challenges, you can overcome them using these tactics. To ensure everything goes well, work with the top e-commerce solution provider with years of experience. They will have more effective ways to increase sales. 

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