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  1. Explained – Why You Need Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin for WooCommerce Stores?

    At present, the e-commerce landscape has expanded beyond retail goods like clothing and electronic devices. Shoppers are now increasingly using the internet to buy necessities like prescription lenses. Because modern-day customers want their shopping experience to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible, they are surfing online to meet their shopping needs.


    woocommerce eyeglasses prescription plugin


    As a result, the need for developing feature-rich e-commerce stores is also rising as eyewear businesses are looking for the best solutions to sell prescription lenses online.

    If you are planning to sell prescription lenses online, you are going to need a powerful plugin to integrate your e-commerce store with. Here, you can choose the ...

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  2. Top Reasons to Integrate Your Optical Store with WooCommerce PD Measure Extension

    Thousands of new e-commerce stores are launched every year, integrated by myriads of extensions to enhance the overall shopping experience. Although online retailers have no shortage of options today, it is always better to do some research before picking up asolution for your e-commerce store.


    pd measurement plugin


    If you want to launch your own optical store or are already running one, you have to ensure that your shoppers can easily determine their pupillary distance on your website. That’s where WooCommerce PD Measure Extension appears as a comprehensive solution. This is one of those nitty-gritty extensions that can drastically improve your online business’s credibility and sales.

    Don’t believe us...

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  3. WordPress Prescription Plugin Eyeglasses – Sell Online with No Hassle

    Gone are the days when shopping a pair of contact lenses online was not possible. Today, you can easily buy eyewear products through the internet. Thanks to some amazing WordPress extensions that helped businesses change the e-commerce game.

    WordPress - A home for Your Online Business

    WordPress is the best platform to start an online store. In fact, it’s the world’s most popular web platform running more than a quarter of the internet. Well, that’s a good reason to choose WordPress plugins to start your online website.


    woocommerce prescription plugin

    WordPress provides an array of plugins to make it easy to start selling online. In just a few clicks, you can easily sell your products and services online. All you need is a powerful plugin...

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  4. How to Let your Users Measure their Pupillary Distance Easily on Your Website?

    When your shopper is purchasing a pair of eyeglasses from your optical store, you need several measurements to ensure the frames and lenses properly correct their vision.One of these important measurements is pupillary distance that allows optical stores to ensure that eyewear products are nicely centered on the shopper’s pupils.

    What Is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

    Pupillary distance is an important optical measurement for eyewear products. It is actually the distance between the pupils of your eyes, which is measured in millimetres. This measurement is very important because every prescription product has an optical center to ensure the truest vision.

    Want to know how to determine the PD of your online shoppers? Here’s an amazing solution for your optical e-shop!


    pd tool


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  5. Launch Your Optical E-Shop Easily With Customized Eyeglasses Prescription Plugins

    Are you planning to open your own online business? How about launching an optical e-shop where you can sell eyewear products? Interested? If so, we are going to give you a big boon today which is WordPress Prescription Plugin Eyeglasses – one of the best plugins out there to build your own optical store with less hassle.

    eyewear website optical


    Selling good-quality eyewear products like frames, glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses is a great way to stand out in this vying commerce. As the competition is growing day by day,you need a sustainable e-commerce solution to launch your optical store and sell eye prescription products online.To achieve this target, you can consider using one of the best platforms - WordPress - a preferred choice for over 33% of all websites...

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  6. How Can You Measure Your PD Easily?

    When it comes to lenses, you need to measure your pupillary distance (PD) in order to get the perfect pair of eyewear. It is actually the distance between the centres of your pupils, which helps you determine where to put the optical centre on each lens so that when you look through the lens, it should be as accurate as possible.

     PD is usually measured in millimetres. An average adult’s PD measurement lies between 54 and74 mm and for kids, it’s between 43 and 58 mm. You can obtain your PD value from an eye doctor, or you can measure it yourself. Here’s how:

    1. >You need to stand about 8"away from a mirror.
    2. >Now have a small ruler, pencil, and p
    3. ...
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  7. How to Get Pupillary Distance Measurer on Your Website?

    When you are planning to sell eyeglasses through your e-commerce store, you have to provide your shoppers with the PD measuring feature. It can be a crucial component of your website, which will help you sell more prescription eyewear products.


    pd tool


    Pupillary Distance (PD) is actually the distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes. Usually determined in millimeters, PD helps a person ensure that his/her prescription lenses fit perfectly. Without PD, your eyesight could become blurry.

    But the key question is - how to get pupillary distance measurer on your optical shop? Well, here is your answer –

    WooCommerce PD Measurement Plugin: A Boon for Your Optical Website

    WooCommerce ...

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  8. Get Your Users Eyeglasses Prescription Easily on Your Optical Store

    When it comes to eyeglasses and lenses, one size doesn’t fit all users. Different people have different prescription readings and requirements. Thus, it becomes important to cater to their individual needs. To get the exact number of prescription eyeglasses, most people have to visit an optician, which is not always the most convenient solution. Here’s a catch!

    If you own an optical store and want to allow your customers buy prescribed eyeglasses online, all you need to do is just read along. We will help you discover how to enable your eyewear store to sell prescription products online.

    Integrate Your Optical Store with WordPress Eyeglasses Prescription Extension 

    WordPress eyeglasses prescription plugin is a comprehensive solution for optical stores who want to sell prescription glasses and lenses online. This powerful...

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  9. How to get your User's PD (Pupillary Distance) Online?

    Do you own an online optical store? If so, then it’s necessary to have the pupillary distance feature in place. Though any optometrist or optician can measure it, you need to avail your store with this amazing feature so that your shoppers will have an ultimate buying experience. However, if you don’t know where to begin, we are here to assist you.


    pd tool

    What is Pupillary Distance?

    Also known as PD, pupillary distance refers to the distance between pupils. It is measured in millimetres and plays an important role inordering eyeglasses online. Many eyeglasses manufacturers make the best-fitting lenses by using this number, helping users see as clearly as possible.

    How to Measure a Customer’s PD Online?

    One of the best ways to calculate your shoppers’ PD online is by incorpo...

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  10. Add Value to your Optical Store with Eyewear Prescription Plugins

    In today’s digital world, online shopping is a big deal for businesses as well as consumers. Modern-day shoppers are buying online no matter what products or services you’re selling. Thus, the number of offline stores going online is increasing at a fast rate.


    eyewear prescription plugins


    Selling eyewear products such as stylish frames, sunglasses, and prescription glasses is a great idea which is demanding and is not likely to get obsolete in the future. With online promotions and advertisements, you can attract more prospective customers and increase your sales. But if you want to sell eyewear products online, you need to allow your customers to upload their eyeglasses prescription. This is where your online optical store needs an eyewear prescription plugin.

    Let’s explore some of the most powerful ...

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