boosting woocommerce extensions

The time and efforts you put into promoting your WooCommerce store are worthless if there are no conversions. Today, the online space is highly competitive. So, it is not easy to impress your customers when several other retailers sell similar products.


A few years ago, only a few retailers used to sell prescription eyewear products online. But during the pandemic, more businesses switched to online services to meet the needs of consumers.


As a result, it increased the competitiveness in the eyewear industry. That is why achieving desired conversion rate and revenue growth requires more effort. But the best thing is WooCommerce has plugins and extensions that help you elevate your business in no time effortlessly. Depending on your goals and needs, you can stick to in-built or buy the best premium WooCommerce plugins.


The choice is entirely yours. Below are the top WooCommerce extensions that encourage your users to make a purchase. Let us uncover these plugins that improve your conversions.


1.Blue Dart WooCommerce Plugin for Shipping


Blue Dart WooCommerce Plugin for shipping is an excellent addition to your eyewear store. It allows your customers to check whether their location is eligible for the Cash on Delivery option or not. As a result, it helps them save time. How?


For example, your optical e-store does not have this extension. In this case, your customers will find out about the availability or unavailability of “Cash of Delivery” after completing checkout details. They did all this only to realize they do not have access to this option. It is put off your potential customers, and the chances of them returning to your store are almost zero. That is where Blue Dart Shipping WooCommerce plugin comes into play.


In addition to this, your shoppers will know about the Total Price of the order. It protects them from unwanted surprises related to the cost.


 As a whole, it improves their user experience and results in more conversions.


2.Advanced Free Gifts extension


Another excellent way to draw customers to your eyewear store is by offering them special deals and rewards. When it comes to selling eyewear products, countless online retailers are doing it already. So, you should provide something extra that online users choose you.


Thanks to the Advanced Free Gifts extension, you make offers with a reward or bonus. In this way, you will encourage your customers to place an order. Also, when they have to buy the same product, they will pick your store.


3.WooCommerce PD Measurement Plugin


If you help your customer buy the right product the first time without hassles, it will lead to conversion. Now, the question is to achieve this?


Firstly, your customer needs an accurate Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement to buy the ideal glasses. But what if they do not have a PD measurement or it's inaccurate? It will result in a wrong purchase. The eyeglasses without PD or incorrect PD may cause dizziness and blurriness. It means you will lose a customer.


To make the most of each opportunity, you need the WooCommerce PD measurement plugin. It is the fastest way to help store visitors obtain the correct pupillary distance. The best thing about this plugin is it is easy to use and provides accurate immediate results.


4.Price Guaranteed extension


Needless to say, the eyewear industry has become more competitive than ever. If your optical store is lagging behind because of the price of your products, you need to install the Price Guaranteed extension. It is one of the best premium WooCommerce extensions that will give your store a competitive edge.


With this extension, you can provide your customers with a price guarantee, which will win over your competitors’ prices. How does it work?


For instance, an eyewear e-commerce site offers a better price than you. So, the shopper needs to input the URL of the same e-store. You will send them a low-price deal or a coupon to beat their price. The Price Guaranteed extension will also let you offer free delivery, which enhances their shopping experience.


5.WooCommerce Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On plugin


If it's about conversion-boosting extensions for your eyewear site, we cannot miss out on the WooCommerce Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On plugin. It is a boon to both store owners and shoppers. After all, it has changed the way how we shop online.


Virtual Try-On plugin offers a real-time shopping experience to online customers. It means your customers can try and compare the eyewear product before purchasing. Since shoppers check the feel, look, and fit of the eyeglass, they will be more confident about the purchase. Hence, it will lower the cases of return and exchange. Within no time, you will see an increase in your conversion rate and sales.


The bottom line


These are the top WooCommerce extensions that help improve the user experience and reduce cart abandonment. Consequently, you can see a significant rise in conversions and sales. If you want to customize your eyewear store to promote better growth, buy the best premium WooCommerce plugins.


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