As an e-commerce store owner, you should aim to offer the best services to customers. From products to user experience, customer services and conversations should be top-notch. Remember, your customers notice everything, even the order emails you send.

It may seem unrealistic, but your transactional emails play an essential role in encouraging customers to shop again. And if you send boring ads, they may put off your consumers. The chances they may not choose your store for shopping next time. Moreover, people are fussy about selecting a prescription store for shopping.

WooCommerce: A platform offering thousands of plugins and extensions

Do you know your transactional emails can leave a lasting impression on your customers? Therefore, it is advisable to customize order emails from your eyewear store. E-commerce store plugins and extensions from WooCommerce help personalize your order email templates.

Since you have picked WooCommerce to build your optical store, you can take advantage of other add-ons. For example, the WooCommerce PD measurement plugin helps your customer buy accurate glasses without running to a doctor to get a Pupillary Distance measurement. It means they can get everything from the comfort of their homes.

Did we mention by adding Blue Dart Shipment tracking WooCommerce plugin, you can enhance your customer experience? How? It allows users to check their order’s current status, availability of cash-on-delivery, and total order price. As a result, you can reduce unwanted anxiety and stress because of delays.

Now, let us move to the main focus of this article. That is personalizing your WooCommerce order or transactional emails.

Transactional email personalization: What you should know?

Whether you have been operating your eyewear e-store for several years or you are new to the digital space, this is where you should be. Our experts will explain all you should know about transactional emails.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails refer to automated emails e-commerce retailers send to their customers post-purchase. The primary purpose is to notify customers about their transactions. But how do these emails help your eyewear business?

For example, if you send a timely acknowledgment to your customers for each transaction, you can build credibility and trust among your customers. Also, it ensures an improved customer experience, which helps in customer retention.

How to personalize your transactional emails?

Today, sending personalized transactional emails from your WooCommerce store is easier than ever. Thanks to free and premium best WooCommerce extensions. One such example is the Email Customizer Plus plugin for WooCommerce. It allows you to send custom-made transactional emails using intuitive order email templates.

Using this plugin, you can add different elements to the email template, such as images, text, divider, etc. Hence, you can create a template that is precise and easy to understand. The most important thing is it suits your business preferences and style. Below, we have listed the top features of Email Customizer, making it an ideal choice for transactional email personalization.

Drag & drop - It comes with a drag & drops feature that lets you customize your email template effortlessly. Hence, it is quick and easy to use.

Default templates - The Email Customizer plugin has 11 default email templates for WooCommerce. Based on the status of the order, you can personalize these templates that resonate with your needs and preferences.

User-friendly - This e-commerce plugin is user-friendly. It means you can personalize and manage your WooCommerce email templates with a few clicks.Countless rows - WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin lets you add as many rows as you like. Besides this, you can include relevant elements to make your email template personalized.

Real-time and live preview - When you edit the email template, this plugin allows you to see changes in real-time. Also, it offers a live preview of the email template you created. Hence, you can see how it looks as do editing.

Ultimate compatibility - Another feature that makes WooCommerce Email Customizer perfect for sending personalized order emails is excellent compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins.

Multiple columns - If you are using WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus, you can leverage the feature of adding more columns. There is no limitation. So, depending on your needs and requirements, you increase or decrease your column numbers.

Additional placeholders - Besides dynamic placeholders, the plugin offers extra placeholders for WooCommerce. Often, these are related to shipping, order, and billing.

Custom hooks - With this feature, you can display the shortcode from third-party plugins. Plus, you can add dynamic content to make your email template personalized.WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin is available in free and premium versions. You can choose the option that matches your needs and budget.

The crux

Most people do not pay attention to their e-commerce transactional emails. But if you use them appropriately, they can be a game changer for your optical e-store. For example, customized order emails can increase your conversion, click-through rate, brand exposure, and ROI. All this will lead to a successful online business. So, pick the most suitable e-commerce store plugins and extensions and boost the functionality of your eyewear store.

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