eyewear prescription plugins

Congratulations! Your vision and efforts are finally paying off. How can we forget the hard work and dedication of your staff? Well done, you all deserve a pat on the shoulder.


You are all set to expand your online eyewear store. When a business grows, so do the product variants. We understand it was one of your goals. But products with a range of variations can leave customers confused. After all, it might become a daunting task to choose the right product.


Do you want your users to have a seamless experience using your optical e-commerce site? If yes, use product filters. According to Statista, around 61% of customers feel “ease of finding products” is essential when shopping online.


Today, we have a hectic schedule. That means customers do not have enough time to browse through extensive product inventory. Remember, online users came to your eyewear e-store for convenience and ease of buying. If you do not provide the same, they will skip to the next option.


You have made the best decision by using WooCommerce for your optical e-commerce site. It comes with numerous WooCommerce plugins to add customized features to your store. For example, the WooCommerce Prescription Contact Lenses plugin is a perfect addition to your optical e-store. It allows online customers to specify their needs for the lens or the type of lens they are interested in purchasing. Like this, there are numerous plugins that serve a specific function.


But we will focus on plugins that ensure product filters. You can hire the top e-commerce store solution provider to buy product filter plugins. Meanwhile, here are the best product filter plugins for your optical e-store.


A list of top product filter plugins for your WooCommerce store



  1. Filter Everything


Filter Everything is an excellent WooCommerce plugin that helps you add filters to your optical e-store. It is fast, compatible with all mobile devices, and supports AJAX. Also, it works well with WordPress WooCommerce themes and plugins like ACF and WPML.


What makes Filter Everything unique is you can create filters for all types of posts.


For example, you create filters for store pages, products, and posts by reusing this filter. In addition to this, it helps you create an individual filter depending on specific parameters for different filters. Here are the excellent features you can enjoy with Filter Everything.


  • Step-by-step filtering
  • Custom WP Queries support
  • Filtering result pages using URL customization
  • Availability of filtering pages for Google indexing
  • Built-in SEO rules
  • It is paid plugin that costs $40 for the Regular License. You can extend your license by paying $140.


  1. Product Filter by WooBeWoo


Product Filter by WooBeWoo is a great plugin that is 100% Elementor compatible. Integrate this plugin and filter products based on tags, categories, attributes, price, and taxonomy. As a result, you have better control over customization. The following are the benefits of using Product Filter by WooBeWoo for your eyewear store.


  • It allows you to showcase filter variations without any hassles. These include radio button lists, dropdowns, icons for attribute filters, and checkbox lists.
  • You can also use this plugin to sort products depending on price, rating, popularity, descending order, newness, etc. What’s more interesting is it offers price filter design customization using different price settings and skin variations.
  • It is a highly responsive plugin. And you can show the count and recount of the filters you selected.
  • Lastly, you can leverage its excellent live preview feature. It helps you see the results in the panel whenever you change settings. After previewing, you can decide whether to keep or remove the changes.


While this plugin is free, you can buy the best premium WooCommerce plugins to filter products and others.


  1. Themify WooCommerce Product Filter


Another product filter plugin you can consider for eyewear e-store is Themify WooCommerce Product Filter. It is a simple and easy-to-use plugin. Your customers can use it to sort products when searching through filter combinations.


Unlike other plugins, Themify WooCommerce Product Filter enables your customers to use multiple filters. It boosts customer experiences, and eventually, your website traffic and sales will increase. Let us dig into the unique features of this plus.


  • It comes with a drag-and-drop form builder, which facilitates creating unlimited product search forms.
  • It gives you an option to display or hide the pagination and count of the product.
  • It offers different filter layouts like vertical and horizontal. You can choose as per the style and design of your eyewear store.


The bottom line


It is true that the search option helps your customers to find a specific eyewear product. But it will not yield desired results if your store sells countless products and variants. That is where product filters come into the picture.


WooCommerece has several free and paid Product Filter Plugins that improve your product discovery. As a result, your customers can find desired products easily, which boosts user experience. In the long run, it will result in higher conversions and sales. A thumb rule, explore the WooCommerce Product Filter plugins and choose the one that aligns with your needs and customer expectations.


If you are searching for a top e-commerce store solution provider for an existing or new eyewear e-store, contact SoftProdigy. We have a team of experts delivering a range of services.