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When it comes to selling eyeglasses or lenses based on medical prescription, the quest can become quite challenging in the e-commerce space. This is because you need to display eyeglass products with each prescription, style, brand, and other configurations. Plus, prescription products come with multiple pre-defined attributes, such as the lens type, pupillary distance, right eye (OD), and left eye (OS) settings, etc. In a nutshell, there is so much to take care of.

In order to handle these tiny configurations efficiently, you need the best solution in place. Otherwise, either the shopper will get a wrong product or move to another optical store, which isn’t a good sign for your eyewear business.

So, if you are planning to sell prescription lenses or glasses online, you need to have a complete understanding of what you need and why. To help you sort out your business needs, here’s a powerful, comprehensive solution for you:

Eyeglasses Configurator Magento

If you want to improve the eyewear online shopping experience, the Magento Eyeglasses Prescription Extension is your thing. This extension is strategically designed to allow store owners to set up their online lens store without breaking a sweat. They can add lenses and let their customers enter details about the prescription lens they want to buy. What’s more interesting is that the purchase can be completed within a few steps on the product view page. Isn’t that amazing?

The eyeglasses configurator Magento supports saving and reusing prescriptions, which helps your shoppers place the same order easily in the future. They can upload prescriptions in PNG, JPG, and PDF files to make a purchase. Plus, you can even put validations to be sure that all needed details are provided by the shopper.

The main objective behind the creation of the Magento 2 Prescription Eye Lens Plugin was to bridge the gap and reduce the complexities shoppers face during prescription eyewear shopping. By installing this powerful extension, you can create an out-of-the-box store, which is easy to customize and maintain, offering the entire range of prescription eyeglasses in one place. In addition to everything mentioned above, the plugin provides a set of features that will help you create and manage custom lens product options, such as power, cylinder, axis, base curve, and diameter.

In Essence

The Prescription Lens Configuration Magento2 Extension is an advanced tool to build your own lens store. It is the best solution out there to let your valuable customers purchase prescription lenses with an option to select lens type, lens option, prescription details, etc. In conclusion, this is your chance to sort out everything from your backend to the frontend.

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