eyewear prescription plugins


The demand for online solutions by customers has increased more than ever. The primary reason is convenient and hassle-free shopping. The e-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace to meet their changing needs and wants. Given this trend, several entrepreneurs and retailers jump on the bandwagon to reach out to target audiences and make more profit. 

Purchasing clothes, shoes, accessories, digital devices, skin-care products, and so on is a usual thing. But lately, we have witnessed customers relying on digital solutions for even prescribed glasses. For this reason, e-commerce businesses offering eyewear products are gaining momentum. 


However, with countless e-commerce websites offering similar products, it is challenging to get more customers and generate revenue. If you are thinking "how to build an optical website online," it is not like any other e-commerce website. Since you are dealing with prescribed eyewear glasses or lenses, you must be careful when choosing your online contact lenses or glasses website builder. While a well-reputed optical store development company will use all the necessary tools, it is essential to get familiar with them before step ahead.

Let us look at the tools that will help you get started with your optical store while improving your productivity and sales.

  • Magento


Used by more than 240,000 retailers, Magento tops the list of online shopping cart software. Of course, for various good reasons! Both well-established brands and start-ups prefer Magento because of its incredible customization and thousands of templates and extensions. In addition to this, it offers shipping options and payment methods. When it comes to an optical online store, a wide range of Magento extensions can help you streamline several processes, improving the customer shopping experience.

  • WordPress


day, most e-commerce businesses go for blogging to connect with their customers and online users. If you need a reliable blogging platform for your online store, there is no better content management system than WordPress. It is one of the best blogging platforms, highly customizable, and comes with numerous features. Apart from this, it is easy to use and offers thousands of templates and plugins.

  • Google Analytics


Once your e-commerce website is live, you need to monitor its performance regularly. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to check whether your optical store is doing well or not. It helps you keep a tab on your website visitors, along with monitoring conversion rate. Google Analytics can provide you with valuable data regarding visitors’ behavior, and accordingly, you can make amendments. 

  • Google Keyword Planner


While you can always invest in paid ads and get traffic and some sales, organic traffic always outshines the paid one. There are various reasons why you should get organic traffic for your online eyewear store. One of them is the constant flow of customers. To do so, you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner. It will help you find keywords your target audience is searching on search engines. 

  • MailChimp


Another essential aspect of e-commerce business is email marketing. Several studies suggest that customers driven towards business through emails are comparatively more than any other platforms. Thus, to ensure more purchases of your prescribed eyewear products, you must invest in tools like MailChimp. With this tool, you can create a signup form with ease, which further compels your reader to visit your website and purchase.

These are just a few essential tools you may consider for your online optical store and stand out among your competitors.

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