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  1. Top 5 Proven Methods To Drive Traffic To Your New Online Store

    As a brand new eCommerce website owner, the prime concern you may face is going to be “how to get more visitors to your website?” Finding ways to encourage more visitors, as opposed to well-established websites can be challenging. And this happen, even when you have exactly what your customers are looking for.

    For the new brands, it is very important to keep the online presence felt with the advanced features using Magento extensions, better UI design, engaging logo & content, and other essential things.

    Magento SEO is helpful, but it takes some time for the digital experts to prepare your website to rank on the top of the search results. But, it proves to be an investment with great results in future. The expert digital marketers use certain keywords to attract more visitors and improve conversion rates. With the best SEO strategies, you can actually lift your rank to top 3 spots on the first page, ensuring mor...

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  2. Top 6 Ways To Optimize Your Magento2 Website For Better Performance

    For Magento 2 store owners, its performance is one of the most important factors as no customer would want to visit their store again if web pages take hours to load. Customers expect the website pages to load within 3-5 seconds. Remember, if you want to keep them stay longer with you, Magento store optimization is the best trick. And there are many ways to deal with the issue – Premium Magento2 extensions, image optimization, caching, and compression are a few methods for the site performance improvements.

    Only when your store performs well, increased conversion rate and improved revenue is possible.

    Why Speed Matters

    Ecommerce website page speed is very important for user engagement. After all, no one likes slow checkouts. Imagine you open multiple pages t...

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  3. Top 5 Tech Trends To Dominate Ecommerce Industry In 2018

    2017 has been a great year for the online shopping industry with the overall sales amounting to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars. The expectations are even higher this year. The technology advancements are proceeding to greater levels in 2018.

    For most businesses, having an internet presence isn’t going to be enough, but better user experience is an added benefit that can be delivered with the premium Magento extensions available on Magento Commerce platform. For the eCommerce platforms, aiming to make more sales and revenue, it is essential to be on top online shopping trends.

    Let’s explore the top tech trends that will dominate eCommerce industry in 2018.

    Mobile Users Will Contribute a Lot

    With more than 2.8 billion smartphone owners, the involvement of mobile devices is increasing in everyone’s life. Not just...

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  4. Bridge the Digital & Physical Spaces with “Phigital Marketing”

    I was hoping to open the article with “Wondering what’s phygital marketing?” But didn’t want to make you feel the boredom with something that you must be expecting here in the first phrase.


    Well, let’s come to the point, phygital marketing is the result of the amazing blend of physical and digital marketing, usually adopted by the web-based businesses especially eCommerce. With the changing trends in the Magento SEO and other marketing strategies, we are starting to see traditional marketing channels merge with digital world. The world of marketing is advancing as quickly as the technology we use to promote the brands we serve. And phygital marketing is the shiny new technology to reach customers and clients.

    To get the best of both, the digital and physical ecosystems, it’s important for businesses to touch them both. Connecting the dots between the two forms a crucial p...

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  5. Stand out from the Crowd with Google's Callout Extension

    Using Magento Extensions and Google AdWords for brand promotion is an amazing marketing strategy, but did you know the results can be even better by adding a little more into this? Let me introduce to you the Google Callout Extension. The callout extension allows the online businesses to place additional text in their search ads in order to advertise their products further.



    What Are Callout Extensions?

    They’re not like the other plugins or extensions available by third-parties. The callout extensions are additional 25 character text extensions, offering some extra space to your Google AdWords ads that could potentially lead to a significantly higher click through rate.

    The callout extensions highlight specific information about your products and s...

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  6. Grab 30%, 40%, & 50% Discount This Christmas

    Ho ho ho! Santa’s here.

    The festival season is finally here and because every eCommerce website is preparing to get ready for the year’s biggest sales, Soft Prodigy brings to you great discount offer on Magento services. 

    The Christmas & New Year deals offer the following benefits to Magento store owners:

    • 30% Discount on Magento2 Extensions
    • 40% Discount on eCommerce Development
    • 50% Discount on Magento Extension Packages

    The above mentioned discounts can be availed at the Soft Prodigy. The offer is valid for exclusively Magento store users and valid from December 16 to 25, 2016.

    In order to make the process easier, we have eliminated the need of coupon codes to grab this discount offer. Anyone who want to get the discount can visit our company website and select ...

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  7. Boomerooming' Is the New Shopping Trend

    Latest researches revealed an interesting fact – 62% online consumers in UK are boomerooming right now!

    The research conducted by expert marketers was commissioned to improve their understanding of the consumers’ journey and how it affects the online retailers. SoftProdigy wanted to know how consumer’s research affects their decision on whether to buy online or in-store.

    If you have not been living under a rock for past any years then you’ll undoubtedly have heard the new buzzwords: 'showrooming' and 'webrooming'. While the number of people doing showrooming is more than those who’re engaged in webrooming and the reason here is clear – lucrative deals and online stores with unique features using premium Magento extensions.

    The researchers have also revealed a new type of shopping behavior that we call 'bo...

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  8. Boost Customers' Order Total With Free Gifts With Every Purchase

    Everyone loves gifts, especially when they come for free. The same rule applies on the online shopping as well. Promotional gifts in Magento encourage customers to buy more as they get chances to win free gifts and would head to your store whenever they need something in the future. Offering is far more convenient and easier with a right extension.

    Free Promotional Gifts With Every Purchase is a great tool to give a boost to your sales and customers base by offering something free as a reward to their actions and purchases on your store. This extension cuts down on the time that is required to develop custom promotions to encourage sales.

    The extension comes with an easy-to-understand admin panel that allows store owners to reward customers’ purchases on the store. Its immense benefits and features make it useful for all types of stores that wish to offer gifts on a regular basis.

    With t...

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  9. Top 5 Magento Extentions - Know What Make Them Great for eStores

    Magento has earned worldwide popularity in the online marketplace as this eCommerce platform offers great features to let buyers enjoy a better user-experience while making it an easy job for the website owner. This incomparable platform ensures increase in revenue and can bring great benefit if combined with top 5 Magento extensions. 

    If you're already using Mangento as your eCommerce platform, then you’re probably aware by now that its basic setup doesn’t suit 100% of your needs. After all it's just a platform and not an entire business in a box. You may need to search on Mangento store or Google to increase functionalities of your web store with extensions for email management, email/SMS notifications, social marketing tools, and much more.


    Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

    Let us make it easier and provide you with a quick lost of the top 5 ...

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  10. When You Move Online, Put the Right Foot Forward

    In the recent years, most new business owners eventually realized the importance of establishing an internet presence over the web. Indeed some are enthusiastic while launching their e-commerce website as they dive quickly and deeply into its development, making a hole in their pocket not realising that building ecommerce mobile app is equally important. 

    Before you embark your company’s launch on the web, familiarize yourself with the below-mentioned decisions that you might face and beware of the common pitfalls to avoid your declination.

    •    Benefit from an expert and don’t experiment yourself

    Most entrepreneurs think beyond the rest and spring up with innovative ideas. But at times, it is wiser to leave certain tasks like building a professional website or mobile shopping app in the hand of experts. Hiring an experienced website designer to undertake website development and turn it into a pre...

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