Using Magento Extensions and Google AdWords for brand promotion is an amazing marketing strategy, but did you know the results can be even better by adding a little more into this? Let me introduce to you the Google Callout Extension. The callout extension allows the online businesses to place additional text in their search ads in order to advertise their products further.



What Are Callout Extensions?

They’re not like the other plugins or extensions available by third-parties. The callout extensions are additional 25 character text extensions, offering some extra space to your Google AdWords ads that could potentially lead to a significantly higher click through rate.

The callout extensions highlight specific information about your products and services, and you don’t need to compromise with the website URL space. This allows you more space to advertise and reduce potential customer about your products, while giving a boost to your Magento SEO campaign. This works on a simple formula:

More click through rate = more quality scores = better ad ranking.


Why Use Callouts?

As mentioned above, the Google callout helps increase brand and product promotion while enabling your AdWords campaign perform better on the leading search engine. There are many other reasons to consider using the callout extensions and one of them is that it allows you to take up more space within the Google search results.

Here are some examples you can use to separate your business promotion ads from other within the search results:

  • Promote offers
  • Show delivery options
  • Show customer service levels


Another great benefit of using the callout extension is that it allows you to edit the text without altering your entire ad. For example, you can keep the data of your ad whilst editing the displayed message.

See how your ad look different with the callout extension:


 With Google callout extension, you are also able to schedule your ads with specific start and end dates. This offers more flexibility to plan the upcoming festival season sales and other marketing efforts ahead of time.



How To Add Callout Extension?

 Adding Google callout extension is no different to the process of adding other extensions in Google AdWords. Click on the Ad extension and view, and you can easily select the Callout extension from the list of options.

The image shows the different types of extensions available. Google has limited the text to 25 characters for each callout extension. This offers more flexibility and scope to promote your

From here you can now create a new callout extension. Google has limited the text to 25 characters for each callout which gives you plenty of characters to work with for each of your extensions.

Using Google callout extension gives your AdWords campaign more flexibility and ability to describe your products or service while supporting your Magento Search Engine Optimization campaign. I would recommend trying out a couple of different callouts as they can help improve your click through rate, regardless of the size of your AdWords. The extensions are easy-to-use, flexible and do not affect the ad text or historic data so you have nothing to lose.