I was hoping to open the article with “Wondering what’s phygital marketing?” But didn’t want to make you feel the boredom with something that you must be expecting here in the first phrase.


Well, let’s come to the point, phygital marketing is the result of the amazing blend of physical and digital marketing, usually adopted by the web-based businesses especially eCommerce. With the changing trends in the Magento SEO and other marketing strategies, we are starting to see traditional marketing channels merge with digital world. The world of marketing is advancing as quickly as the technology we use to promote the brands we serve. And phygital marketing is the shiny new technology to reach customers and clients.

To get the best of both, the digital and physical ecosystems, it’s important for businesses to touch them both. Connecting the dots between the two forms a crucial part of any retailer’s marketing plan.

Here are a few examples on how this reach can be achieved:

Send digital vouchers that can be redeemed in-store

It’s the latest trend among the shoppers. They’re not only looking for the coupons to make purchase with eCommerce stores, but also enjoying benefits of coupons for in-store shopping. This is a classic example of “phygital” integration. Using social media platforms can be a great help to achieve the goal. Consider integrating social media Magento extensions to promote the coupons on your website. Additionally, you can also send it via email to all your subscribers.

Participate in online surveys regarding store experiences

We all know the power of reviews and feedbacks. Nearly 85% of online shoppers prefer buying products with positive reviews. This is an awesome marketing tactic that literally kills 4 birds with one stone. In addition to encouraging your shoppers to purchase from you, you can also raise awareness that you have a digital presence that your customers can interact with, you can gather quite a lot of insight and information based on customer’s feedback. You can get their emails for future promotional offers. What’s more, you could go a step further by offering them a discount upon completing the survey.

Encourage customers to shop online

Everyone is having internet connection on laptops or smartphones. So, not having an online presence can be a drawback in the highly competitive market. Investing in eCommerce development can bring great results as nearly 90% of shoppers prefer buying online instead of visiting a local store. Let you consumers enjoy the benefit of shopping with the comfort of internet. Give them an option of doorstep delivery or store pickup.

Promote online contest in-store & vice versa

Encourage your loyal customers to take part in the online competition you may be running on Facebook. In order to take part in the competition, they will need to go online. It can be done the other way around as well where you can promote in-store competitions and specials by advertising it digitally. It helps create an amazing domino-effect, killing 100 birds with one stone.

Encourage customers to communicate online

Promote your presence on social media, asking them to follow you on Facebook of Tweeter and send their queries regarding your products and put feedback for what they just liked. Let your consumers know that your customer services divisions has gone digital to give them another platform to express themselves. It helps your business create a sense of trust and brand loyalty.

The world of phygital is endless and so are the opportunities it offers. All it requires is a perfect blend of creativity and user engagement. By blending fun and utility into a device or activity, consumers can become a part of phygital experience itself.