Everyone loves gifts, especially when they come for free. The same rule applies on the online shopping as well. Promotional gifts in Magento encourage customers to buy more as they get chances to win free gifts and would head to your store whenever they need something in the future. Offering is far more convenient and easier with a right extension.

Free Promotional Gifts With Every Purchase is a great tool to give a boost to your sales and customers base by offering something free as a reward to their actions and purchases on your store. This extension cuts down on the time that is required to develop custom promotions to encourage sales.

The extension comes with an easy-to-understand admin panel that allows store owners to reward customers’ purchases on the store. Its immense benefits and features make it useful for all types of stores that wish to offer gifts on a regular basis.

With this extension at your store, buyers can add free gifts with every purchase as they add products to cart. The store owner can control the nature of free gifts that can be added as free gifts. It allows store owner to set multiple rules like a minimum order price limit that enables the buyer to get a free gift once they are eligible. Also, the seller can control the minimum price to be eligible for the gift. This extension also offers the store owner the flexibility to add configurable products as promotional products.

The prime features of the module are:


Create Unlimited Marketing Campaigns

Store owner can create unlimited marketing campaigns using this extension and offer free gifts with every purchase they make, which make it a lucrative deal no one can ever refuse to go for. Simply set the rules and reap the benefits of your investments with Magento promotional extension.


Set Minimum Price for Order

This extension allows store owner to set a minimum price for every purchase, which if crossed by the user, makes him entitled to a free gift. The gifts are additional to the product purchased by the seller.


Set Promotional Gifts

This extension doesn’t set any product as a free gift, but the store owner can set the nature, price and type of the free gift keeping in mind the company budget. It doesn’t harm your revenue and profits.


Configurable Products as Free Gifts

Store owner can set multiple products to be given as free gifts to the buyers, including configurable products to encourage customers to buy more from the store and get more promotional gifts with the product they purchase.


Set Rules For Marketing Campaigns

Customers would always want to get something extra with a product they purchase, but it doesn’t mean you face loss just to increase the customer base. This extension allows store owners to set different rules for customers to be able to add gifts. Customers get promotional gifts only when they are eligible.


Set Gift Items on Store

Using the admin panel of the Magento store, owner can easily design any special present for the customers. If you’ve not designed any particular present, this extension will help you with the freedom to choose gifts from your existing items in the store.

With this extension at your store, every buyer will be willing to pay just a bit more when they know they can get a free gift simply by being eligible to get that free gift. Magento Promotional Extension enables the store owners to hack customers to spend just a bit more – Guaranteed!