As a brand new eCommerce website owner, the prime concern you may face is going to be “how to get more visitors to your website?” Finding ways to encourage more visitors, as opposed to well-established websites can be challenging. And this happen, even when you have exactly what your customers are looking for.

For the new brands, it is very important to keep the online presence felt with the advanced features using Magento extensions, better UI design, engaging logo & content, and other essential things.

Magento SEO is helpful, but it takes some time for the digital experts to prepare your website to rank on the top of the search results. But, it proves to be an investment with great results in future. The expert digital marketers use certain keywords to attract more visitors and improve conversion rates. With the best SEO strategies, you can actually lift your rank to top 3 spots on the first page, ensuring more clicks. It is also essential that you design an engaging homepage or landing page before you plan to opt for any paid search campaign.

Let’s start getting you some traffic.


Send free samples to Social Media influencers

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are quickly becoming most effective marketing channels for ecommerce merchants. According to the experts, Instagram gives 25% more engagement than any other platform. YouTube is another great platform to engage more visitors. You can share the samples of your products with the influencer on the best social media platforms for product reviews. This is a great way to let users know about the quality of your products, especially if you want to attract a target audience.


Reach out to bloggers & press

This is a form of free advertisement as information regarding your products and the services will be published on the top blog websites and the print media platforms. The size of their audience varies, hence it is important to look for the best platforms that attract more visitors and readers. The process of reaching out to your target audience is quite similar to reaching out to social media platform influencers.

Look for the best blog websites according to your niche such as “Fashion bloggers,” if you are dealing with the apparels and fashion products.


Send Promotional Emails

Email marketing is the best strategy to promote your brand and products you are offering to the clients. Not all of the promotional emails should be sales focused, some may be prepared to educate visitors regarding your products or the particular industry. Using the premium Magento extensions is the best way to create and send engaging emails as they offer customizable templates for email marketing.



Share with friends and family

When you launch a new eCommerce platform, your friends and family may be a great support to promote your brand and your products. Reaching out to your friends and family is the right way to promote your services without risking irritation. Talk about your store in an update on Facebook. Also, there are multiple pages and groups you can share your products on. One share from your friends will reach to thousands of their friends, making it easier for you to promote your brand easily. Also, don’t forget to use best Magento extensions to allow visitors to share your website content with others.

Ask your friends to share your newly launched store with their networks and it just takes a nano second to share the post on Facebook. This way, you’ll have a higher rate of success than reaching out to strangers.


Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most common, and most effective, strategy for brand promotion, especially when you are competing with the global eCommerce giants. If your brand is on the top of search results, there are more chances for your target audience will click on your website link.

Of course, Magento SEO takes time but your efforts and investments in the SEO are sure to work in the long run. An effective SEO campaign lets your brand to be on the top of search results for quite a long time. And it’s something anyone can do with the following methods:

  • Add keywords to your content
  • Include external links in your content
  • Create a web of internal links
  • Create a sitemap
  • Include keyword descriptions
  • Detailed meta descriptions
  • Optimize your website



You launch the store only once, and you will never have the excuse to reach out to the target audience this easy. Make sure to do everything you can to get more visitors and convert the traffic into customers.

Once you’ve successfully used the above-mentioned tricks to promote your brand, look forward to establish yourself as an online store.