In the recent years, most new business owners eventually realized the importance of establishing an internet presence over the web. Indeed some are enthusiastic while launching their e-commerce website as they dive quickly and deeply into its development, making a hole in their pocket not realising that building ecommerce mobile app is equally important. 

Before you embark your company’s launch on the web, familiarize yourself with the below-mentioned decisions that you might face and beware of the common pitfalls to avoid your declination.

•    Benefit from an expert and don’t experiment yourself

Most entrepreneurs think beyond the rest and spring up with innovative ideas. But at times, it is wiser to leave certain tasks like building a professional website or mobile shopping app in the hand of experts. Hiring an experienced website designer to undertake website development and turn it into a presentable and responsive one is a smart choice.

Take out some time and discuss the overall plan with the web professional including the design, look, offerings and special add-ons and let them do the heavy lifting. Keep abreast of the efforts but make sure you impose yourself in cost cutting process.

•    Ensure your site designer is receptive of SEO

A media rich and presentable website may quickly grab the attention of the user but it might not seek Google’s attention. If Google is unable to find your website, all the efforts that were put into development will go in vain. It is important that Google is able to crawl a website to index it.

Before hiring a website designer for your company, ask the following questions:

What kind of SEO do you employ? Do you expertise in driving website traffic? Do you effectively avoid Google penalty?

The designer should be thoroughly aware of basics of SEO principles and all the Google’s guidelines for best practices in order to ensure that your website can smoothly achieve what it is developed for without incurring hurdles.  

•    Choose a platform that suits your needs

There are plenty of platforms in the market when it comes to building an e-commerce website, each with a handful of advantages and disadvantages and different prices. Understanding the appropriate difference between them is equally important. As the whole market is saturated with various e-commerce platforms, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Experienced and entrepreneur marketers choose Magento as it offers multiple functionalities and features. From giving customers umpteen satisfaction to directly managing the income, Magento strives hard to drive success. Magento extensions own a versatile CMS, mobile friendly configuration, easy third party integration, customize security protection and these endless features make it the most preferred platform for e-commerce.   

When you have a word with your web designer, have a basic understanding of the platform you are looking for. If he isn’t familiar with the platform of your choice, try not to hire such unprofessional designers. A skilled and experienced web designer can only help you take the right decision.

•    Stir social media judiciously

Having your business involved with relevant social media platforms undoubtedly boosts its visibility but make sure the one you select is apt. For example, many merchants have created individual accounts rather than making business pages. If you are indecisive regarding social media platforms, hire a knowledgeable in-house social media team or expert to create your company’s profile.