Magento has earned worldwide popularity in the online marketplace as this eCommerce platform offers great features to let buyers enjoy a better user-experience while making it an easy job for the website owner. This incomparable platform ensures increase in revenue and can bring great benefit if combined with top 5 Magento extensions. 

If you're already using Mangento as your eCommerce platform, then you’re probably aware by now that its basic setup doesn’t suit 100% of your needs. After all it's just a platform and not an entire business in a box. You may need to search on Mangento store or Google to increase functionalities of your web store with extensions for email management, email/SMS notifications, social marketing tools, and much more.


Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Let us make it easier and provide you with a quick lost of the top 5 Magento extensions to help reduce that setup time or possibly, bring some great functions to your web store.

The extensions are listed below, in no particular order:


Follow Up Emails

There's a reason that this idea has made its way to the list of top 5 Magento extensions.  With Follow up Emails, it's far more easier for the store owners to communicate with customers and bring them back to the store thereby increasing sales. Email and SMS notification extension is an efficient auto-responder that sends alerts to your customers automatically.

This extension aims to strengthen customer relationship and build loyalty with SMS and email notifications, resulting in higher sales.

Magento WordPress Integration

It's simply amazing. It integrates the open source e-commerce platform with the open source blogging platform into one inbound marketing conversion machine.

for anyone, looking for a way to connect WordPress and Magento, this is the default answer. It comes with great features like full integration, associate products and posts all over the store, one click WordPress login and more.

Share Me Coupon extension

This extension is created to enhance social networking visibility and attract more potential customers to the the Magento online store. Shame Me Coupon allows the admin to offer discounts for the users who share or like a link on Facebook or tweets about a product on Twitter.

It can help store owners with a great boost in sales as every social media user has thousands of friends across the world. Along with decreasing abandoned cart and great social media visibility, this extension helps the business to reach more potential clients

Google maps Store Locator

For an eCommerce website, having many stores at different locations, it is a helpful extension to let your users easily explore your presence and know if you're available in a particular city or not. It can be configured simply by entering longitude and latitude of store locations and Google Maps.

This easy-to-use extension allows the admin to have a full control of styling and layout with CSS to blend with the site's distinct look and feel.

Yotpo Reviews

It helps the store owners to generate tons of reviews and use them to drive qualified traffic and turn every visitor into a buyer. This extension sends automatic emails to customers, asking them to leave a review. Admin can choose the time and day for the notifications. It allows the customers write their reviews directly in their email inbox. As a result, it brings more reviews than any other reviews platform.

These top 5 Magento extensions made to the list for being tested in the battlefield time and again.