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  1. Explained: The Role of Blue Dart Shipping Extension in Your Magento Store

    How does the Blue dart shipping extension help your eyewear store?

    Thanks to the digital revolution, many customers prefer buying products online instead of in mortar-and-brick stores. But they shop from an e-commerce store that offers a hassle-free experience. Mostly, shoppers like to spend their time wisely. That is why they abandon sites. To avoid such unpleasant instances, install the Magento Blue Dart shipping extension in your optical store.

    What is the Blue Dart shipping extension?

    It is a premium Magento 2 extension that allows customers to check the availability of Cash on Delivery at a particular zip code. When it comes to using the Blue Dart shipping extension, the method is simple yet impressive. Let us learn how to use it.

    Firstly, users...

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  2. Magento 2 Prescription Extension: How It Boosts Your Optical Store ROI?

    Discovering the benefits of Magento 2 Prescription extension for  your store

    The eyewear industry is growing exponentially in the digital space. If you want to create a store to sell prescription eyeglasses and lenses, Magento 2 prescription extension is an excellent choice. But what is it?

    What is the Magento 2 prescription extension?

    It is a premium extension of Magento, a popular e-commerce platform. With Magento Premium prescription lens configuration, you can add lens prescriptions to the product site without hassles. It includes the sphere, cylinder, pupillary distance, axis, and near/add.

    That means your clients can purchase prescription lenses or eyewear by providing their information in a specific form. The process will take a few steps. As a...

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  3. Top FAQs to Know About WordPress Eyeglass Prescription Plugin

    A walk through common Woocommerce faqs with answers

    WooCommerce has reached the top rapidly. It is one of the most loved e-commerce development platforms for good reasons. The open-source nature of the platform makes it easier for budget-constraint people to create an e-commerce site.

    You can take advantage of its simplicity and powerful features. All-in-all, it will give your online business the necessary boost. Moreover, WooCommerce opens up the door to thousands of WordPress plugins. For example, the WordPress Eyeglass Prescription plugin is the best add-on for an eyewear store. It lets you set up your e-commerce site with ease. In addition, it ensures your shoppers have an unmatched experience using your store.

    But it is necessary to know everything about the technology and platform you want to use for your site. It will help you make an informed...

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  4. Magento 2 Extensions: How to Resolve Common Issues?

    Magento is an absolute choice for building your prescription eyewear store. It is an excellent e-commerce platform that allows you to create a dynamic website. Moreover, it gives you access to unique features and functionalities.

    But what makes Magento the best e-commerce solution for your optical store is its third-party extensions. These are hassle-free ways to add the necessary functionality, which ensures a better user experience. For instance, the Lenses Eyeglasses Prescription Magento 2 Extension is a savvy solution for creating an e-store. On the other hand, customers can add prescriptions in a few steps.

    These third-party extensions are a surefire way to boost the functionality of your store. But people have faced problems like extensions' failure to work on Magento...

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  5. Choosing the Right WooCommerce Themes: A Complete Guide

    How to pick woocommerce themes for your eyewear store?

    Eyesight is one of the most precious things we have. In this digital environment, everyone should take care of it. After all, the glare from screens can affect vision. That is where eyeglasses come into play. They also protect the eyes from foreign particles and harmful UV rays. Like other products, businesses have started selling protection and prescription eyeglasses.

    Are you also planning to sell eyewear products online? Then consider WooCommerce to build your e-store.

    WooCommerce is a first-rate e-commerce solution. It has much to offer to set up a high-performing online eyewear store. For example, it has plenty of free and premium plugins like the WooCommerce Eye Glasses Lenses Prescription Plugin. It helps you improve the overall shopping experience of your...

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  6. Magento for B2C: Top Features to Grow Your Business in 2023

    A list of Magento B2C features to up your online business game


    E-commerce B2C models work on one common goal – customer satisfaction. So, everything goes around ensuring customers have a better shopping experience. The key to doing so is to address their needs, demands, and pain points. It begins with choosing the right e-commerce platform.

    The options for e-commerce platforms are myriad. But Magento seems to outshine all in taking your online business to the next level. It has cutting-edge features that help build a store that matches current needs. The best thing is it can handle your store growth because of its incredible scalability. I...

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  7. Is It the Right Time to Accept Cryptocurrency for WooCommerce Store? Explained

    Discovery the benefits of accepting crytocurrency for your store

    Cryptocurrency is no more an unfamiliar term today. At least, everyone has heard of it. People have started investing in cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. Also, most people prefer using Cryptocurrency to buy online products and services. And they look for e-commerce stores providing an option to pay with Cryptocurrency.

    So, if you do not want to lose potential audience sales, accept Cryptocurrency payments for your WooCommerce store. Do not worry! It does not require you to become a pro in crypto. Some solutions allow adding this option to your e-commerce site. It is a relief that you do not have to know the technical details. We will explain in detail why your store should accept Cryptocurrency later in this post. First, let us find out how to add this payment option to WooCommerce stores.


    WooCommerce and Cryptocurrency



    Are you planning to build an optical store to sell prescription eyewear...

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  8. 5 WooCommerce Plugins to Level-up Your Online Store in 2023

    A list of must have plugins for your woocommerce store in 2023

    2022 has been one of the most flourishing years for online businesses. We have seen new trends like a significant increase in online retailers. Selling prescription eyeglasses has become more common than ever. Also, the way customers depend on online solutions for daily needs have never been witnessed before.

    We are just two months away from bidding farewell to this prosperous year. It is the right for online retailers to revamp their strategies and tools. The New Year will be more competitive. Hence, prior preparations are the key to surviving and standing out.

    Do you already have an existing WooCommerce eyewear store? Then, incorporate trendy plugins to make a big impact. They help you add the necessary functionality your potential customers value the most. In turn, you can boost user experience.

    However, if you are getting started and looking for the right e-commerce development platform, WooCommerce is your answer. It is a WordPress plugin that gives you access...

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  9. Best WooCommerce Eyewear Store Management Practices on the Go

    Follow these tips to manage your E-Store when you are away


    Do you already have a WooCommerce eyewear store? Or are you planning to build one? If you are at any stage of your online store, this post is what you need. As a retail store owner, you ought to know the in and out of store management.

    Remember, once you are in the business, you will get busy with many things. Since you are a start-up owner, you will find yourself handling several things at one time. You might be meeting suppliers and clients, attending conferences, and traveling. While you are on the go, it becomes difficult to manage your store. You cannot hire a management team because of budget constraints. But do not be disappointed. We have the perfect solution for your Magento store...

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  10. The future of Magento: How Will It Affect the E-Commerce Industry?

    As 2022 is almost ending, it has been a great year for retail businesses. We have seen significant growth in the e-commerce sector. And Magento is one of the prominent contributors. The industry that grew faster on the digital platform is eyewear. Due to the restrictions put on by the pandemic, most optical retailers switched to online solutions.

    However, the post-pandemic trends show further improvements in e-commerce. The changes in e-commerce development platforms like Magento drive these advancements. Before getting into the future of Magento and its impact, you should know why businesses prefer this over other options.


    Magento: What is it, and how it benefits e-commerce?


    Magento is one of the most successful e-commerce platforms of 2022. It allows developers to build robust and feature-rich e-commerce stores. Millions of retailers, including eyewear, prefer Magento for their e-commerce stores. The platform offers...

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