Insight into solving plugin conflict in your Woocommerce store

Plugins and extensions are an excellent addition to WooCommerce stores. These are nothing but small software that boosts the features and functionality of your online store.


A few years back, installing plugins to the WooCommerce store was optional. But today, it is a necessity. By 2022, online retailers selling prescription eyeglasses have increased significantly. As a result, the digital space has become more competitive than ever. The best way to stand out from the crowd is by offering custom services. And installing WooCommerce plugins is the easiest way to achieve the same.


For example, if you are building or have an eyewear e-store, add-ons like the Contact Lenses Prescription plugin can take your store to another level. But if your plugin is not written accurately, you may face plugin conflict. It can impact the performance of your website. Either your features will misbehave, or your entire website will crash. The severity may vary from one site to another.


The common reasons for plugin conflicts are outdated plugins, notorious plugins, and development errors. Besides this, the version of WooCommerce can cause conflicts in your plugins. But the good news is you can resolve plugin conflicts and retain your site’s performance.


Key Plugin Conflicts and How You Can fix them in WooCommerce Eyewear Store


While themes and plugins can make your e-commerce store attract customers, there are chances when you face some conflicts with your plugins. Here are some of these conflicts and how you can solve them:


      1. Plugin and Theme Conflict: Theme and plugin conflicts are one of the most common conflicts within your WooCommerce store. After updating the plugin and theme, if still, the                 error pops, there are chances one of your Plugins is not compatible with your theme. To solve this challenge:


  • Try disabling all plugins and themes and re-enable them one by one to check which plugin or theme is conflicting.
  • If your theme is creating a conflict, contact your developer or theme provider to help resolve the issue.
  • If your plugin is creating the conflict, go through your plugins one at a time and remove the one that is triggering the issue.


    2. Wrong Size of Product Images: Having images of sunglasses and contact lenses on your website is extremely crucial to running your e-commerce store. However, if your eyewear             images are looking a little blurry or wonky, you may face image sizing issues. To solve this challenge:


  • Set your theme’s default image size and your WooCommerce default image sizes to be the same size.
  • To change your default image dimension navigate to WooCommerce> Settings Products> Display.
  • Finally, adjust the default image sizes and ensure that the sizes you change are the same as your default theme image size.


Within WooCommerce you have three different sizes of images. They are:


  • Single Product Image: These are the largest images and display when you open a given product.
  • Catalog Image: These are medium-sized images that display when you’re on a product category page.
  • Product Thumbnails: These are the smallest product images that you’ll see underneath the main product images.


       3. The invisibility of Download Links in the Completed Order Email: There are times when downloadable items don’t show the downloading links in the email. This happens when            you have a long table prefix greater than 64 characters. To solve this challenge, you can:


  • Shorten your table prefixes and you can do it manually. You need to change the table names one by one and you can use the WooCommerce plugin to change table prefixes.


       4. Call to Undefined Function: This type of error is not related to your WooCommerce settings. It is a compatibility issue, and there are two possible reasons behind this.

  • Plugin Out of Date: As you know, updating plugins solves a lot of problems and errors in your WooCommerce store. But if you still encounter the error, you need to disable all the errors and test your eyewear store. Then, it should start working. To check for existing updates, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce>system status. Here, you’ll find any important updates and notifications that are highlighted in red.


  • Third-Party Themes: We generally use themes in the WooCommerce store that are built by third parties. You need to check whether they are compatible with your eyewear store or not. To check the compatibility, change your theme to the default theme or WordPress and observe if the problem still exists. If not, it implies that your theme is not compatible with your WooCommerce store.


  • Having the Wrong Hosting Configuration: Sometimes, the challenges you’re facing with your WooCommerce eyewear store could be due to your hosting configuration. If you’ve set up the theme and plugin, let us say contact Lenses Prescription Plugin, check in the initial steps, and are still facing the challenges, check with your host. There are plenty of issues that can arise from a host not optimizing your hosting environment for WooCommerce. To solve this challenge, you can:


  • Get in touch with your existing host to see if this is a common issue
  • Upgrade to a WooCommerce-specific hosting environment


Best Practices You Can Follow to Minimize Plugin Conflicts


Plugins and extensions are a great addition to your e-commerce store. However, you need to follow some best practices to make the most out of them. Here are some best practices you can follow to minimize plugin conflicts:


  • Clear browser cache to help reflect the new code.
  • Make sure your plugins are updated.
  • Check for plugin vs. theme conflicts.
  • Never make a rush while testing your plugins.


The Bottom Line


Themes and plugins offer additional functionality and features. However, it also implies that more code is running on your website and the risk of incompatibility is higher. Therefore, it is important to solve the challenges, take your eyewear store up a notch and provide your store customer with superior and personalized experiences. We hope this blog is useful in resolving your e-commerce store plugin conflicts.


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