Woocommerce Eye Glasses Lenses Prescription Plugin




When the competition is high, businesses cut down the prices to ensure maximum sales. It is not uncommon for retailers or e-commerce owners to reduce product costs to appeal to low-price shoppers. But this tactic requires too much energy while compromising profits.


If you are thinking of following the same journey, it isn't necessary. You can sell off your eyewear products without reducing the price. In this way, you can improve your profit margins. You can still please your consumers, provided you follow the right strategy. That's why we are writing this post. It has everything you need to know about selling your eyewear products at your price.


We will talk about these practices in a while. But first, understand the initial decisions involved in starting your eyewear e-store. It entails choosing the right e-commerce platform, which is essential for a successful business. Although there are numerous options, WooCommerce is the best one.



Why WooCommerce?



The first thing that makes WooCommerce a reliable e-commerce partner is its open-source nature. It means you do not have to pay any licensing fee. Besides this, you can customize your e-commerce site using thousands of themes and plugins. With WooCommerce plugins and extensions, you can enhance your store performance. Consequently, it improves your user experience.


For example, the Lens Prescription WordPress plugin is an excellent add-on for an optical store. It allows eyewear retailers to grow their business significantly. Are you wondering how? WordPress Prescription plugin helps customers add the necessary details like lens type, power, or glass type before placing an order. Hence, they will buy a product that meets their needs and preferences, which reduces returns and refunds. That is the power of plugins. They benefit both store admin and shoppers.


The best thing is that WooCommerce has plenty of free and premium plugins. You can choose based on your goals and requirements. However, do not try to overcrowd your e-commerce site with plugins, as it may affect your store performance.


Now, you understand the importance of picking the ideal e-commerce platform and plugins for your optical e-store. It is time to dive into strategies to sell eyewear products at a higher price without disappointing your buyers.



How to sell your eyewear products without reducing the price?



1. Target customers based on their past spending behavior


There is no point in targeting online users who have brought products or services at the price you want to sell your eyewear products. It is always best if you reach out to shoppers with more money. For this, you need to check their spending behaviors in the past. You can use any online tool that gives you information about potential customers shopping patterns and behaviors.


It is a crucial step because you can determine consumers with more money, and accordingly, you may target them. Remember, a customer will spend more if they have more.



2. Focus on the problem


You might have heard an old phrase, “customers do not buy the drill, they buy the hole.” It fits perfectly here. You need to tell your target audience why your product is the best solution to solve their problem. However, you need to bring attention to the problem. After this, give the solution.


Using this strategy, you can build better and deeper connections with your consumers. As a result, they will not consider price as a deciding factor because they want to solve their problem.



3. Offer bonuses and gifts


We do not need to tell you how much customers love gifts and bonuses. It further encourages customers to buy other products. Thus, you can sell the rest of your eyewear products. Moreover, bonuses like free entry to exclusive events can help you take tangible products off the market.



4. Establish pre-sold audience


This strategy will help you reap benefits in the long run. The first step involves using lead generation to attract new consumers. Here, you should offer them low-priced items. After the initial purchase, you will have all the details of your customers. You can use it to nurture your relationship with them. The best way is to add value to their experiences through blogs, tutorials, etc.


Once you have gained their trust and established yourself as a credible and authoritative business, your customers will pay you more.



5. Multiple payment methods


In several cases, customers abandon the e-commerce site at cart. Why? The common reason is the unavailability of multiple payment methods. Remember, different people use different payment methods. Therefore, you should cater to all their demands.


If you are selling products at higher prices, “Buy Now, Pay Later” is great for encouraging customers to place an order. It is a boon for shoppers spending a lot of money, as they do not have to pay the entire amount at once. You may install WooCommerce Voguepay Payment Gateway Master in your e-commerce store. It is a plugin that supports payments through visa cards, master card, debit cards, and verve cards.



The crux


After reading this, it is clear that price is an important deciding factor. But customers do not make decisions solely based on the cost. If you offer value, quality, and solutions to problems, they will buy products even at higher prices. So, these strategies can help you gain more profits and make customers happy at the same time.


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