E-commerce is the most latest and advanced trend gripping the optical industry fast. This tend is scaling new peaks of popularity everyday. This is a huge reason why most of the offline optical business in all parts of the world want to go online using WordPress/WooCommerce and leverage the full potential of this trend to grow their business beyond geographical  boundaries. For this, You will need two key things mentioned below:

  • > An e commerce store
  • > A CMS for eCommerce

Most of them are trusting WooCommerce/WordPress for this. They are even hiring the best eCommerce website developers and designers for this.


Convert your digital eyewear store

How to get both these things?

This is an important question that you need to seek answer to. You need to follow a couple of steps mentioned below to get an e-commerce store:

  • > Get your income tax ID proofs in place.
  • > Make sure you have the permission of your government for taking your business online.
  • > Get your business registration certificate from your government.
  • > Hire the best eCommerce website developers and designers.

How to get the CMS for eCommerce :

This is another key thing you will need for taking your business online. For this, you need to figure out a couple of things mentioned below:

  • > Figure-out your budget.
  • > Figure-out your business needs.
  • > Make sure you know the list of features you need in it to grow your business online.
  • > It must be compatible with WordPress/WooCommerce.

Do some research a out it line and you will get the plugin you need for your eCommerce store.

Where to get your E-commerce store and relevant CMS from?

Well, SoftProdigy is the best possible answer to your question. Founded in 2006 and headquartered from Mohali, India, SiftProdigy is one the best eCommerce service providers in India and the world. The company has been catering to the business needs of clients for many years. Recognition by many reputed platforms like Clutch proves the effectiveness and quality of our eCommerce solutions.

Some more reasons to trust SoftProdigy:

  • > 14 years of experience.
  • > An experienced team of eCommerce developers fully familiar with WordPress/WooCommerce .
  • > Recognition from reputed platforms like Clutch and many more.
  • > Plugin development services.
  • > Access to an eStore from where you can get the plugin you need for your online optical store running on WooCommerce/WordPress.
  • > Integration of plugins.
  • > You will be given a separate project manager and a separate team of developers.
  • > Development of your online optical sore within 7 days' time and with your budget of $399 only.
  • > Integration of payment gateways in absolutely free.
  • > 24/7 customer care services.

Actually, at SoftProdigy, you will get a lot more than everything mentioned above.

You will mainly get two plugins mentioned below integrated with your online optical store:

  • > WooCommerce Eyeglasses lenses prescription plugin.
  • > WooCommerce Contact Lenses prescription plugin.

You may want to know about values these two plugins are capable of adding to your online optical business. Given below is the list of them:

Some key features of these two plugins:

Key features of WooCommerce Eyeglasses lenses prescription plugin.

  • > Features to help customers specify the usage of lens type selected for purchase.
  • > Multifocal lens users get multiple options with easy to manage prices.
  • > Allows customers to upload prescription in the form of any image or document.
  • > Makes it easy for customers to choose the lens type of their own. Choice.
  • > Makes it easy for customers to chose lens colour of their own choice.
  • > Helps customers choose index lenses.
  • > Has options required to make life easier for the admins.

Some key benefits WooCommerce Contact Lenses prescription plugin Can offer you.

  • > It is a complete package an eCommerce store needs for selling eyeglasses online.
  • > It helps display pre-configured options for fields of lens type products.
  • > Helps customers see the prescription ordered on cart page, check-out and product details page.
  • > Has a set options to life easier for the admins.

This is not the end if the list of the values these two plugins can add to your online optical business.  Coming back the point, this is also not the end of the list benefits your optical business will reap by hiring the best eCommerce developers.

In case you are interested in taking your offline optical business online using WordPress/WooCommerce, SoftProdigy is the right hand you can count on for many more reasons than you have read In this post.

To know more about us, either do some research or come to our website or call us any time at +91-8146468430. This will help you take the best possible decision for your optical business and take it online for growth beyond boundaries.

Call us right now and hire the best eCommerce developers!