The world is evolving fast with new technologies and inventions arriving every single day. Today, buying online eyeglasses is no exception. Almost every buyer is familiar with online stores where they can easily buy eyewear such as glasses, frames, and even lenses too. Thanks to innovative extensions such as eyeglasses prescription Magento extension!

Online eyewear stores are now in a better position to cater to the needs of their shoppers. This is because they have access to eyewear prescription lens configurator Magento. This exceptional Magento Contact Lens Prescription Extension enables the admin to set lens types, lens options, create attributes for both eyes (right & left), and much more. If you are planning for the Magento eyewear store setup, this is the extension you will need!


magento lens prescription extension


• How Does The Eyewear Prescription Lens Configurator for Magento Works?

Though providing prescription eye lenses to shoppers is quite a challenging task for an e-commerce store, the Magento Contact Lens Prescription Extension provides an array of features that can help you create an amazing online store. This plugin allows store owners to create and manage custom lens product options such as power, cylinder, axis, base curve & diameter, etc. programmatically.

By reducing the complexities and improving the eyewear online shopping experience, this extension consequently minimizes the gap bridged between the shoppers and eyewear stores.

• What Does It Offer To Online Stores And Shoppers?

There are many perks that come with Magento Prescription Extension. This extension allows customers to enter details about the prescription lens easily with a few steps on the product view page. They can provide details about the lens usage, lens prescription, lens type, and lens option at the frontend. And as a store admin, you can put validations to be sure that all required information is provided by the buyer.

• Why Do You Need This Extension?

The competition among e-commerce stores is getting tough day-by-day, but there are always innovative ways for interested online eyeglasses owners. By using our Magento Eyewear Prescription Extension, you get an out-of-the-box eyewear e-commerce that is highly customizable and adjustable.

You can effortlessly offer the entire range of eyeglasses and eyewear products. Additionally, you can adjust men's and women's sunglasses or RX glasses. Thus, Magento Eyewear Prescription Extension is a powerful and advanced plugin that is not likely to get outdated in the future.

All in all, Magento Prescription Lenses Product Configurator is a powerful extension. Whether you want to sell eye contact lens type products based on the Power, Cylinder, Axis, Base curve, or Diameter, this plugin offers a 360-degree solution for online lens products selling e-commerce store.

• Ready to Grab This Extension?

So, if you are interested in leveraging your online eyewear store by using our innovative EyeGlasses Prescription Magento Extension, all you have to do is visit SoftProdigy Online Store. We have some of the most powerful and innovative plugins for online eyewear stores over there.