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E-commerce is a great way to expand your existing retail shop and start experimenting with new things. More than 2.14 billion people worldwide buy goods and services online, and that number is continuously increasing. This simply means that there’s no better time to jump on board!

As a business owner, you can do whatever you want, solve problems, and connect with customers who love the same things as you do. But starting an online store doesn’t have to be rocket science, which is why WooCommerce provides some powerful tools and extensions to help you launch your store and reach new customers.

Getting Started With WooCommerce


WooCommerce is an open-source, customizable platform built on WordPress. This powerful e-commerce solution helps businesses get started quickly by adding plugins to WordPress websites.Whether you want to secure payments or configurable shipping options, you can easily set up a new online store in minutes. In addition, WooCommerce is developer-friendly, helping you scale and design a complex store from scratch.

Due to COVID-19, shoppers are shifting their buying habits from retail to e-commerce. Businesses are adapting to these habits and are increasing their online presence. According to a report, e-commerce sales have significantly increased 32.4% year over year. As more and more consumers go digital, make sure your business stays connected with your target audience, drivesmore sales, and delivers the personal touch.

Contact Lenses Prescription Extension WooCommerce


The WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription is a remarkable plugin for eye contact lens buyers as well as eyewear store owners. The plugin helps shoppers specify all their prescription details of the lens and lets them choose options for both of their eyes. For store owners, it is a medium to get the shopper’s specified information on the frontend.

You can make online selling of eye contact lenses smooth on the basis of the cylinder, axis, base curve, and diameter of customers’ eyes.You can enter this prescription in a special Product View Page, which is saved as a custom product option. Plus, you can let your customers view and modify their prescription details.

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All in all, WooCommerce is an amazing platform to launch your store. And the Contact Lenses Prescription Extension is the best solution to start selling eyewear and lens online. This plugin can actually add a lot more value to your online eyewear business.

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