Working hard to drive more traffic and clicks is not the only factor to improve your conversion rate. The competition is rigorous than ever before and most websites are following the same strategy with only a few getting any success. Ever wondered why? The reason here is we usually focus on creating an engaging website that looks good and forgets about the most important thing – Product buying process.

And since checkout is the most crucial stage of the process, it’s important to put some additional focus on it. Know the frustrations common buyers will face due to the multi-step checkout process, so you have a clearer idea on why it is important to use best Magento2 extensions to improve shoppers’ experience.


best checkout Magento2 extension



Shopping Cart Dilemma

The biggest concern shopping website owners face these days is shopping cart abandonment. After all, it is the worst thing to face when you have invested a lot of your valuable time and money into the eCommerce development.

The main reason people leave products in their carts is the tedious process of placing order and processing. Modern buyers are looking for faster buying experiences and never want to waste their time doing this sort of thing. It is important to streamline your checkout process in order to convince visitors to complete the checkout process.

Magento2 One-Step Checkout

Magento2 is the most advanced CMS system available for eCommerce development, allowing businesses to design and create an engaging platform for product purchasing. Over 240,000 businesses around the world are already using this platform, making it the world’s most renowned eCommerce development platform.


best premium checkout Magento2 extension

One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension is a personalized extension, designed put an end to miserable shopping cart abandonment rate. This extension lets shoppers complete the checkout process 40% faster than the default checkout process. It is an effective extension that has the ability to simplify your visitors’ shopping process and offers multiple features, making it a must-have for the eCommerce website.

Faster Checkout in One-Step

One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension is designed to make checkout a faster, easier, and convenient method with Knockout.JS, with all the fields available on the single page, reducing the need to click “next” button for more fields. Only relevant fields are visible, making the whole checkout process 40% faster.

Dynamic Loading

Slow checkout may be the most common reason behind people leaving your website and buying from the competitors. This extension caters to the very problem with dynamic loading using Knockout.JS that makes the checkout process super fast. All results in more visitors completing purchase faster. In addition to faster loading on the desktop screens, this allows your website to load faster also on mobile devices as well.


best checkout Magento2 extension premium


Multiple Payment Gateways Supported

For better shopping, it is important to let visitors know about the available payment options on your store and this extension makes it possible for you by displaying all the available payment methods at an early stage. Also, this extension supports multiple payment gateways, reducing payment methods compatibility issue.

Bottom Line

In order to increase profits and sales, you need to minimize the drop-out or cart abandonment rate. In the eCommerce industry, each visitor means a lot to a business and allowing better shopping experience to the visitors is the only way to up your revenue. And using the best checkout Magento2 extension is the best solution to it.