Change is the law of nature. If you don’t change according to the time and trends, you are likely to get out of the race, especially in this competitive market where people notice the change. The eCommerce market is changing every day, and if your Magento e-commerce website has been stagnant for the past few years, it’s time for an update.

This is because creating a positive experience should be an ongoing pursuit to attract more consumers that can’t be achieved with an outdated website.

Here are a few simple tips that will improve your website and keep it in accordance with the latest trends.         


Use Powerful Images

“Picture is worth a thousand words.” This is equally true for web design trends. When someone visits a website, the first thing that’s going to get noticed is the product image. So make sure to use good, engaging, and clear images with a white background. Once they’re satisfied with the product quality displayed in images, they proceed to read the description. Just make sure you don’t overload your site with more than 5-6 images as it may result in slow website loading which impedes the user experience.

Go Minimalistic

In the current times, minimalistic is trending with more people admiring simple yet elegant designs. Don’t make your website look cluttered with a lot of images, advertisements, deals, etc. Instead, keep things simple with a minimalistic approach. Magento e-commerce development with the minimalistic design is likely to attract more people as it makes the website looking engaging, trustworthy and updated.

Employ Responsive Design

In this advanced world where everyone is having a mobile device, it is must to employ a responsive design on the website. Not just it’s important because more people are using mobile devices, but also because it’s impossible to rank higher on Google without responsive design. Responsive web design adapts automatically to the user’s viewing environment. Whether the users browse website via laptop, phone, tablet or desktop, it looks amazingly perfect. With responsive design, websites are developed with “begin with the end in mind” approach



Include White Space

In the visual arts world, white color is related to negative space. The white space gives the viewer’s’ eyes a place to pause and rest. However, something less is more, especially when the visitors are looking for the websites that look engaging and attractive. A website with white space helps grab users’ attention quicker than a site over-packed with graphics, photos, buttons, links, charts, videos, maps, and text.

Flatten the Design

All leading brands use this approach - Microsoft, Google, and Apple too. We’re talking about flat web design technique with simple, classic esthetic designs. Gone are the days when visitors loved shiny buttons and drop shadows as more people appreciate the simple, engaging designs. However, this doesn’t mean to make your website design dull and boring. Try using blocks of color for great effect, text with clarity, and buttons that are easy to find and click. This technique looks great on responsive design and works for almost every type of platforms.

Interact With Visitors

You may implement the static and passive website design to present data to visitors. However, when you are considering eCommerce development, interactive elements are a must. The interactive elements serve a dual purpose – Collect data to increase business and give users something to do on the website. Use the best Magento extensions to integrate useful functionalities like requesting an email address in exchange for rewards, answering a poll to providing feedback, etc.

With a few simple changes, you can be sure of creating a new look and feel for your eCommerce website while providing additional value to your customers.