Since the proliferation of e-Commerce platforms, marketers have been experiencing a tremendous rise in the options for their online stores. However, Magento is the one that stands among the rest which makes it highly preferred by the merchants. Being one of the best and trusted open-source platforms in the world, it leverages SSL certificates to provide businesses with a highly secure ecosystem in the field of e-Commerce.   

Now that Magento has an upgraded platform version known by the name, Magento 2.x which owns a brand new architecture along with database design, the support for Magento 1 versions is going to end soon in June 2020. So, it’s high time for retailers to migrate from Magento 1 to 2 in order to empower their e-Commerce stores.




Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of Magento 2 which makes it necessary for the merchants to consider store migration:

Better performance

Being 20% faster as compared to its older 1.x versions, Magento 2.0 comes with a Split Database Solution that offers different databases for a streamlined checkout process as well as the product catalogs. Thanks to its speed and performance enhancements, this version of Magento will experience fewer cases of failure caused due to a database. Also, this version emphasizes on mobile responsiveness to attain higher efficiency at managing e-Commerce operations.    

Streamlined Checkout Process

To determine whether your store is performing well or not, the checkout process is one of the crucial factors that analyze your sales. A slow checkout process or a few payment options make users abandon their shopping carts. If research from Batmard Institute is to be believed, an improved checkout process can help an e-Commerce store to gain 35.26% rise in conversions. The enhanced checkout process of Magento 2 comprises of just 2 steps whereas there are 6 steps involved in the checkout process of Magento 1. Furthermore, Magento 2 eradicates the need to login or register before proceeding to the checkout page by allowing the users to be recognized as guests.

Mobile Friendly

With responsive design themes as well as mobile-friendly checkout, you can fully optimize Magento 2 to create e-Commerce websites that can be accessed through different mobiles with varying screen resolutions. Also, the touch-screen friendly admin panel of Magento 2 enables you to effectively manage your store with the help of mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, it lets you create mobile-friendly apps that boost your conversation rate and empower your business growth.

High Security

With an aim to keep systems up-to-date, Magento 2 makes use of an installer that shields your store from numerous potential breaches, faulty codes, external hacks or and provides extreme security to the e-Commerce store. Also, you can make your store safe, secure, and unbreachable by integrating with payment gateways like PayPal,, Braintree payments and more.

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