E-commerce is fast changing worldwide. Much of the credit for this change goes to the inception of various innovative technology concepts in the domain of e-commerce. Another key thing you can credit for this change is the level and quality of change in customers’ online shopping experience. One of the innovations bringing this change is Auto Re-order Products Magento Extension.

Businesses embracing digital revolution need this change for survival, success and growth. This innovation has every capacity to improve your customers’ online shopping experience in multiple ways. Absolutely right!

In simple words, Auto Re-order Products Magento extension has a number of features to help your business climb the growth ladder.

Let’s now take a good look at some of its key features in detail:

Helps customers re-order products purchased previously:


It is important that you understand your customers, their needs and expectations. Your customers may want to come back to your e-commerce store and re-order some products. This is one of the key things you need to understand about your customers.

You can make it possible for them with this extension for Magento. Its integration with your online store will help your customers re-order all the items in their cart list with just a single click of mouse. This process repeats itself automatically on daily, weekly and monthly basis is the beauty of this extension for Magento.


Easy placement of orders every day, every week and every month:

Again, as mentioned above already, your customers do not have to spend time specifically to select the items available in their cart list for re-order. Your customers get the luxury of setting product re-order intervals.

This interval can be set on daily, weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis. This process will be repeated according to the product re-order interval set by your customers.


Check The List of Re-orders Created:

Auto Re-Order Products Magento Extension offers a number of benefits to your customers. At the same time, this extension for Magento offers some vital features to store admins as well.

You can take care of the orders’ status (Active/Canceled) from the backend. More importantly, it allows you to check the list of re-orders your customers create from the backend. You can see the re-orders under “Applied Orders” tab.


Offers Cron Job to help check re-orders on daily basis:

This innovation in the form of an extension for Magento comes equipped with Cron Job. Cron Job is a special feature in it. It works on daily basis to identify the number of orders placed by your customers. If identified, Cron Job will automatically create auto re-order for that particular day.

The wealth of features incorporated in this extension for Magento is not limited to the list explained above. May be you need to read more about the value it can add to your business.

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