Online shopping has nowadays become a kind of status symbol. A lot of popular online brands like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Paytm, etc. are feeding on this shopping trend massively. It is mainly because online stores are focused on delivering a positive experience to their customers. User-friendly shipping plugins integrated with the stores play an important role in this process.

What value do these plugins offer?

This is something that you need to understand if you are planning to open your own e-commerce store. The most important thing customers expect from e-commerce stores is the safe, speedy and timely delivery of the product ordered. This is exactly the value user-friendly shipping plugins offer not only to the e-commerce store owners but also to their customers.

Which is the best shipping plugin you can purchase for your store:

This must be one of the questions doing rounds in your mind. Extensions explained below could be the best possible answer to this question. Let’s now take a good look at all of them one by one and see the value they can offer:

Blue Dart shipping integration with WooCommerce:

This is the first in the list you need to know about. It has been designed and developed for mid-size online store owners need to deal with a number of backend tasks efficiently. The list of these key tasks necessarily includes but is not limited to following only:

> Allowing customers to check the availability of COD option in the basis of area code/Zip code.

> Hassle-free generation of PDF file containing all kinds of vital details related to the order.

> Ensuring product details in the form of a barcode.

> It can easily generate single or even multiple Air Waybill numbers.

> Multiple manifests can also be generated with this extension.

This is a very good shipping extension for those who wish to run their online store on WooCommerce.

DotZot shipping integration plugin for WooCommerce plugin:

This one is provided by DotZot. Like the one explained above, this one also has its own specifications to add value to your online business. For example:

> Makes Air Waybill number generation for single or even multiple orders an easy process.

> It is an effective medium you need for generating single or even multiple orders.

> Using their area code/zip code, your customers can easily check the availability of COD option.

> Manifest generation also becomes an easy process.

 FedEx shipping integration with WooCommerce:

WooCommerce based online store owners interested in shipping solutions provided by FedEx should purchase this one to get the following values added to their brand:

> Quickly generates a PDF file that has all the details of the products ordered by your clients.

> It easily generates a barcode to safeguard all details of your customer, delivery location and the products ordered.

> Like the two user-friendly shipping solutions explained above, this one also has the capacity to generate Air Waybill number.

> If needed, it is capable of returning the Air Waybill number generated.

 Ecom Express shipping integration for WooCommerce:

This ECom Express shipping solution is a big boon for those who are running their online stores on WordPress. Let’s now tell you about the values it can add to your online business:

> It generates manifest.

> Helps generate single or multiple Air Waybill numbers.

> Helps generate single or even multiple shipping labels.

> Let’s your customers check the availability of COD option on the basis of area code/zip code

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Designed and developed by SoftProdigy, all these user-friendly shipping solutions compatible with WooCommerce can add a lot more value to your online business than you have read hereabout. You just need to know more about them for this purpose.

Communication could be the best medium for you to decide the best one you need. You will be able to make the right choice/decision.

Don’t worry! Take your time!