why magento is ideal
Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify are the leading e-commerce today. However, none of these is a one-solution-fit-all. Each of these platforms has its specific features and functionalities that help meet the needs of modern businesses. 

While all these platforms deliver excellent services, you should choose the most suitable one as per your needs. If you are stuck on which is the best for your optical site, this post is for you. 

As mentioned, all these e-commerce solutions are powerful and feature-rich. But all of them are not suitable for every business type. Today, we will focus on Magento and what makes it the leading platform. 

But why does it matter which e-commerce solution should you use?

It does because your business is unique and so are its goals and needs. If something worked for someone, it is not necessary that it will work for you too. Therefore, it is advisable to make an informed decision. In this post, we will list the unique features of Magento, making it the ideal match for your online store. 

A brief introduction to Magento

Magento enjoys popularity among businesses for its out-of-box functionality and features. It is an open-source platform. The contributors and the developer community are constantly improving Magento with tweaks and updates. Currently, over 250,000 retailers throughout the world use Magento to build their e-commerce sites. 

It has proven to be an even better option for an eyewear e-commerce site. Magento has attractive features that will give your customers a real-time shopping experience. Consequently, your sales will increase and generate more revenue. Let us not forget third-party extensions like Magento Prescription Eye Lens Product Configurator that can take your e-store to the next level. 

Are you curious to know other exceptional features of Magento? Then read below. 

What makes Magento the best platform for e-commerce sites?

If you are looking for everything under the same roof, there is no better choice than Magento. It has all you need to create a feature-rich and interactive optical store. From order management to payment-processing, security, advanced search, catalog management, and customer interaction, Magento helps you accomplish all tasks. Let us walk through the features to supercharge your Magento store. We are precisely focusing on Magento 2 here.

1. Category Permissions 


Category Permissions is an incredible feature for e-commerce retailers. It allows you to ensure limited access to view pricing, browser categories, or add to the cart. However, it is crucial to consider your customer group. In simple words, Category Permissions supports your business strategy based on the customer group. It results in a better shopping experience.


2. Elasticsearch


Thanks to the feature of Elasticsearch, Magento store owners can leverage advanced catalog search. It is a highly scalable and robust distributed search engine, which is the first choice of leading brands like eBay, GitHub, Wikipedia, etc. Elasticsearch gainedpopularity within a few years for its open-source nature and great features. Today, it is used in various fields like security intelligence, log analytics, full-text search, business analytics, etc.


3. Content Staging 


Content Staging is another out-of-the-box feature available for Magento 2 users. It allows retailers to write, preview, and schedule content whenever there are changes. For example, if you want to update content to Categories, Products, Promotions, CMS Blocks, CMS pages, and Widgets, Content Staging is a great tool. 

Additionally, it will help you schedule on-site marketing. So, you can publish an ad campaign at any specific time, like over the weekend or midnight. Did we mention the Staging Dashboard? It is an additional feature that ensures an easy-to-use visual dashboard. You can use it when scheduling your content and display your campaigns in a timeline view. 

4. Email Reminders 


Email Reminders enable you to send emails to your customers automatically. However, it considers the wishlist activity or previous purchases of your buyers. Sending relevant emails encourages customers to return to your website and re-purchase. 

5. Gift Cards 


Gifts or rewards are the best way to attract customers and encourage them to buy your products. After all, everyone likes free things. Thanks to Magento, it comes with the Gift Card extension. With this feature, you can sell gift cards to your customers. As a result, it will motivate them to come back to your eyewear store. 

6. Page Hierarchy 


In the past, e-commerce site owners faced challenges organizing content pages. But Magento 2 can help resolve this issue with Page Hierarchy. It ensures content page arrangement in a hierarchical manner on a website. Using Page Hierarchy, you can add navigation, pagination, and menus with the drag-and-drop option. As a result, it will help your visitors to go to the desired page easily. 


7. Google Tag Manager 


If you think managing tags is a task, Google Tag Manager is here to your rescue. It lets you handle several tags like code snippets or JavaScript pixels efficiently. Further, these tags are a boon to retailers as they help them measure engagement, monitor customer activity, retarget, customize the content, etc. One interesting thing you should know is that only Magento offers native support to Google Tag Manager. 


8. Additional Payment Modes 


Do you know the mode of payment in your store adds to your customer experience? It is always best to provide multiple payment methods. Hence, visitors and consumers can choose the most suitable option. With this, you will see reduced bounce rates and cart abandonment. The good thing is Magento supports PayPal, Amazon Pay, Braintree, and more. 

Besides these features, Magento has plenty of free and paid third-party extensions that add new features and functionality to your optical e-store. For instance, the Eyewear Prescription Lens Configurator Magento is a must-have for your eyewear site. It makes setting up an online prescription lens store hassle-free. Also, you can include the lens type, options, and other attributes easily. 


In closing 

Given these features, we cannot deny that Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms. It meets all the needs of modern-day businesses. If it seems the right match for your eyewear e-store, hire a reliable company offering Magento services

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