A list of Magento B2C features to up your online business game


E-commerce B2C models work on one common goal – customer satisfaction. So, everything goes around ensuring customers have a better shopping experience. The key to doing so is to address their needs, demands, and pain points. It begins with choosing the right e-commerce platform.

The options for e-commerce platforms are myriad. But Magento seems to outshine all in taking your online business to the next level. It has cutting-edge features that help build a store that matches current needs. The best thing is it can handle your store growth because of its incredible scalability. If you want to venture into a new eyewear store, Magento is the perfect solution.

Are you still not convinced? No worries, we will list Magento B2C features that will make the future of your optical business. Let us read below.

Top Magento B2C features to consider for your eyewear business

Magento has been helping businesses to sell their products through e-commerce stores for years. It comes with two different business models: Community and Enterprise. The Community edition is best for you, as you want to sell prescription eyewear products online. Plus, it offers better control over your store operations and streamlines store management.

Magento is an open-source platform with the necessary features to build an e-commerce store. But if you want a customized site, leverage its thousands of extensions. These add-ons let you include the much-needed functionalities in your e-store.

For instance, the Premium Prescription Lens Configuration extension enables you to display configurable products (both right and left) eyes on the same page. Also, it speeds up the ordering process because your buyers can add their lens detail in no time.


1. Personalization

The personalized shopping experience is in trend. After all, that is what customers want. Fortunately, Magento helps you collect information on guests and registered consumers. You can analyze the stored data. Based on this, you can offer services that suit their needs and demands. You can cross-sell and up-sell using their past search and purchase history. Besides this, you can implement third-party extensions to add functionality to your optical store and boost user experience. The Magento 2 Prescription extension helps your customers order products in a few steps without any hassle.


2. Better search options

 Magento offers great search functionality of three different types. We have explained all of them below.

  • Likes - In this search type, your customers find products based on the words buyers use for search. For example, if they conducted a search for Black leather boots, the search engine results show Black and leather boots.


  • Full-text - Using this method, your prospective shoppers can search for products that match the search words they enter. That means the result display Black leather boots.


  • Combine - These two types of searches are inflexible. You may risk losing potential buyers. Therefore, we have a more flexible search option that is combined.


However, Magento 2 uses a combined search method using the “Like” and “Full Text” types. It ensures a quick search. And customers can find products similar and exact to the search words entered. It also offers advanced search functionality that allows buyers to specify the attributes they look for in products.


3. Security features

Since the e-commerce platform helps you set up a storefront, security features are of utmost importance. There is no point in having a platform that does not protect your confidential data and customer information from online threats. Thus, if you want a platform offering improved security measures, Magento is your best bet.

Security is one of the primary strengths of Magento. Also, this is why global businesses prefer this e-commerce platform. Magento 2 has robust security features to secure your eyewear business from hackers.


  • Improved password management - Passwords refer to the first line of defense to protect your data. But hackers can easily break through your password and breach your e-commerce store. Fortunately, Magento uses an SHA-256 hashing algorithm that enhances your password management.


  • Regular security updates - Unlike its previous version, Magento 2 has taken the e-commerce security game to the next level. The Magento team is constantly improving platform security. They regularly identify potential threats and release improved updates.


4. Smooth checkout process

The smoother your checkout process, your customers are more likely to complete the purchase order. Plus, it will encourage repetitive purchases. With a complicated and tedious buying process, customers abandon the site at the cart. But this situation will not happen to you because of Magento 2. One of the many benefits of this e-commerce platform is the streamlined checkout process. Here, we have listed Magento features that ensure a hassle-free checkout experience.

  • Guest checkout
  • Shipping quotation
  • Ease of adding a billing address
  • Availability of mini shipping cart


The bottom line

It is safe to say that Magento is the perfect solution for B2C e-commerce. It fits all-sized businesses. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can add functionality to your eyewear store using third-party extensions. But make sure it does not hurt your budget and store performance.

If you are looking for Magento e-commerce development services for your online business, contact SoftProdigy. We also deal in premium extensions like Magento Prescription Eye Lens Product Configurator.