How does the Blue dart shipping extension help your eyewear store?

Thanks to the digital revolution, many customers prefer buying products online instead of in mortar-and-brick stores. But they shop from an e-commerce store that offers a hassle-free experience. Mostly, shoppers like to spend their time wisely. That is why they abandon sites. To avoid such unpleasant instances, install the Magento Blue Dart shipping extension in your optical store.

What is the Blue Dart shipping extension?

It is a premium Magento 2 extension that allows customers to check the availability of Cash on Delivery at a particular zip code. When it comes to using the Blue Dart shipping extension, the method is simple yet impressive. Let us learn how to use it.

Firstly, users need to enter the zip code of the delivery location. After this, the extension checks to see if it is in the list of "Cash on Delivery enabled places." The Blue Dart Company alone determines whether areas can use COD. Additionally, it provides features like product order PDF generation, mass AWB generation, and estimated delivery date.

Cash on Delivery is the need of an hour. Adding this feature to your store could be a game-changer. After all, most customers decide to buy or not after discovering the option to pay upon delivery. Before you install this extension in your optical store, let us learn how it can help.

Excellent features of Blue Dart Shipping Extension to consider for your Magento store

We know Magento has thousands of extensions that help you add the necessary functionality to your eyewear store. But what makes the Blue Dart Shipping extension Magento 2 a great choice? It is also a premium add-on.

The primary purpose of this extension is to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience for customers. By installing the Blue Dart shipping extension to your Magento e-commerce site, your shoppers can check the anticipated delivery date and time. As we just learned, it helps them find the available payment options for a specific zip code.

But the benefits of this third-party add-on are not limited to this. There is more you should know before installing it.

  • Checking cash on delivery availability

We have explained in the beginning that the extension aids shoppers in checking the availability of COD options using their zip code. It saves their time because otherwise, they will get to know about this when placing an order.

  • Order tracking

Waiting is the worst enemy for most human beings. At times, customers can be impatient to receive their orders. It further makes waiting tough. Fortunately, the Blue Dart shipping extension allows you to add real-time order-tracking functionality to your store. Thus, your potential customers can trace the exact location of their order. And they would feel more at ease in this case if they are informed of the order and shipment progress.

  • Anticipation of the delivery date

Besides checking the COD availability and order tracking, your prospective buyers can get an idea of the expected delivery date. Thus, they can make themselves available to receive their orders. As a result, it avoids any inconvenience for businesses and consumers.

  • Generates PDF

The Blue Dart shipping extension creates a PDF whenever a customer places an order in your store. After this, the extension emails it to the sales department. Furthermore, the store administrator can upload the site logo for printing in PDF, boosting brand recognition If necessary. Are you wondering what the PDF entails? It provides information about users, items, and businesses and orders IDs for the products in the form of barcodes.

  • Mass AWB generation

Using this extension, you can generate AWB (Air Waybill) for bulk orders. It refers to a legally binding document that a carrier provider issues. Generally, an Air Waybill contains the details about that order. It benefits e-commerce owners in various ways. For instance, it prevents redundant data entry and manual filling of documents.

  • Upload brand logo

With the Blue Dart shipping extension, you can upload your brand logo on PDF. It helps you boost your brand awareness.

In closing

Based on this discussion, it is clear that the Blue Dart shipping extension is helpful for you and your customers. It eases out several processes, which might be tedious and time-consuming. Plus, it ensures customers have an outstanding experience when shopping from your store. But to make the best of this extension, partner with a reliable third-party agency.

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