Prescription lenses are the latest eyewear trend in all parts of the world. But even this modern day eyewear trend isn’t untouched by the digital revolution. Therefore, you need to take your eyewear business online and get an effective solution like prescription lens configurator Magento 2 Extension.   

It is a robust solution you need for your running your online eyewear store effectively because of its capacity to help your customers buy the kind of eyewear they’re looking for. Therefore, let’s now see what exactly makes prescription lens configurator Magento 2 extension you need to turn your online eyewear store into a platform for the next generation.


lens magento 2 extension


It's specifications:

Let your customize their lenses:

Gone are the days when people used to choose simple eyewear to have a bespectacled personality to display the level of their intelligence and sophistication. Eyewear has now come a long way and users now want them to try their newer versions/styles hitting the market nowadays. Therefore, your digital eyewear store needs a solution that allows your customers to customize the lenses on your digital eyewear store. This is the topmost feature that prescription lens configurator Magento 2 extension offers for your customers. Your customers just need to create attributes for lenses’ set and also set some of the common attributes like lens radius, power as well as the diameter of lens etc. 

Offers product page:

Well, your customers don’t want to navigate from one page to another page just to buy another part of the product they are buying on your store. This leads to an increase in bounce rate. This is where prescription lens configurator Magento 2 extension exceeds yours and your customers’ needs and expectations. It allows your customers to set attributes for both the lenses of their spectacle with attribute set on the same product page. If needed, they can set attribute via an attribute setting for multiple lenses as well on the same product page. 

Better admin control:

This is something that every digital store owner wants. Having the best possible control over the entire digital store makes life easier for store owners/admins. The store owner or admin can control the entire store from the backend easily. In simple words, this extension for Magento 2 ensures a better quality of backend control for store admins (you). It makes it super easy for you to perform a number of important tasks like displaying tier prices at the frontend of your eyewear store. This is something which is generally missing in Magento 2 default settings.

Flexible compatibility:

This Magento 2 extension offers full compatibility with all other Magento 2 extensions integrated with your digital eyewear store. It also helps deliver the best multifocal contact lenses through significant improvement in your digital Magento 2 based eyewear store.

The list of features offered by prescription lens configurator Magento 2 extension is not limited to the features explained here only. It offers much more value than you have read here. In case you believe that this extension is exactly the solution you need to turn your digital eyewear store into a platform for the next generation to come, establish communication with us right now! SoftProdigy, recognized by Clutch as the best e-commerce solution provider in India, will be happy you serve you. 


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