Magento 2 extensions are proving to be advancement e-commerce businesses needed to excel. The list of such Magento 2 extensions is very long. Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 Extension is the latest addition to this list. But it stands out in the list. It is because it offers everything that every e-commerce shop needs to keep its customers loyal to their brand for a long period of time.

Its popularity is growing fast among e-commerce business owners. It is because it offers plenty of luxuries to them that make life easier for them. Let’s now take a good look at Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 extension offers.



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The list of Features:

This extension for Magento 2 is exactly what many e-commerce store owners need to keep their customers happy. It is because the positive online shopping experience is the only thing that helps e-commerce businesses grow. This online positive shopping experience is determined not only by the easy navigation system or checkout etc.  That’s right! An effective business growth strategy also plays a key role to help achieve this key business goal. One of those key factors is the launch of great daily/multiple deals. Launching and managing daily/multiple deals is a challenge in itself. Therefore, it is important that you see below and understand the way how Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 Extension helps deal with this challenge.

Launch Great daily deals /multiple deals

Customers are the spine of your ecommerce business.  Therefore, it is important that you value them and their loyalty towards your brand through lucrative daily/multiple deals/discount offers. That’s the first paramount business feat you can achieve to grow your ecommerce business using this Magento 2 extension.


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Set timer on discount offers:

You need this key feature as some of the deals differ from the other deals running on your online shop. So you need to handle them easily at the backend and know when to take those deals off. This is possible with a timer only. In simple words, Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 Extension allows you to set a timer on every deal you plan on running on your store. This timer helps your customers know the limited time remaining to make the most of the deals running on your store.

Highlight featured deals:

You get the facility you need to showcase daily deals/multiple deals easily on your Magento 2 store. Meaning, this extension for Magento 2 makes it easy for you to showcase deals that you think could offer value to your customers as well as to your business.

Offers auto-activation and deactivation of deals running on your Magento 2 store:

Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 Extension aims to improve the buying and selling experience. You will find it easy to activate and deactivate deals from the backend of your Magento 2 store. As for your customers, their online shopping experience will get even more interesting for them as they know some deal is ruining on your store and when exactly it is going to expire. Moreover, you can set a timer and the deals will get activated and deactivated automatically after the time you set.

You can upload custom sale label

This is another great feature this Magento 2 extension offers you. You can customize your sale labels according to your requirements and upload them.

Sections for current, upcoming and expiring deals:

Well, this is something that makes Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 Extension the solution you need to grow your online business. It is because it offers separate tabs for your customers to see the deals currently running on your store, past/expired deals and upcoming deals to help you create more effective business growth plans to increase sales.

The new year 2019 is coming soon! Why not end 2018 and begin 2019 on a positive note for your online business through an effective business growth solution like Advanced Daily Deals/Multiple Deals Magento 2 Extension? Think about it!