A list of must have plugins for your woocommerce store in 2023

2022 has been one of the most flourishing years for online businesses. We have seen new trends like a significant increase in online retailers. Selling prescription eyeglasses has become more common than ever. Also, the way customers depend on online solutions for daily needs have never been witnessed before.

We are just two months away from bidding farewell to this prosperous year. It is the right for online retailers to revamp their strategies and tools. The New Year will be more competitive. Hence, prior preparations are the key to surviving and standing out.

Do you already have an existing WooCommerce eyewear store? Then, incorporate trendy plugins to make a big impact. They help you add the necessary functionality your potential customers value the most. In turn, you can boost user experience.

However, if you are getting started and looking for the right e-commerce development platform, WooCommerce is your answer. It is a WordPress plugin that gives you access to thousands of plugins. Besides this, it offers several design options and other features. Let us look at the top WooCommerce plugins to consider in 2023.



Top WooCommerce plugins for eyewear stores in 2023


Even if you have a budget constraint, WooCommerce helps you build dynamic stores. All thanks to its open-source nature. It has free and premium plugins. You can add them to your store as per your goals and needs. The following are the must-have plugins to level up your eyewear store in 2023.


1. OptinMonster 


A challenge that most e-commerce site owners face is cart abandonment. Do not worry! You can overcome this problem with the help of OptinMonster. It is a robust lead-generation plugin that you can add to your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you may create attractive opt-in forms to convert visitors into subscribers. It further boosts your conversions and sales. Here are some features of OptinMonster that make it an excellent add-on for your eyewear store.


  • It allows you to grow a lead email list.
  • You can showcase targeted website messages.
  • It helps you upsell and cross-sell.

Note:* It comes with free and paid versions, which you can buy from the WordPress website.



2. WooCommerce Multilingual


If you do not want to limit your operations to certain geographical boundaries, WooCommerce has got your back. With its innovative WooCommerce Multilingual plugin, you can reach out to customers in any part of the world. It helps you keep all hurdles away that come into your business expansion, like a language barrier. It allows your e-commerce site to interact with your customers in their preferred languages. As a result, you can build strong relationships with them and improve your sales. It is a free plugin that you can download from WordPress's official site.



3. Blue Dart Shipment Tracking


E-commerce stores that do not offer a “cash on delivery” option lose prospective buyers. Why? This payment method reinstates their customers’ trust and belief in them. It encourages them to make purchases confidently. Blue Dart Shipping Integration with WooCommerce allows you to add Blue Dart tracking to your eyewear store.

But how it benefits your buyers? If you incorporate this plugin into your optical store, potential customers will automatically know if the cash-on-delivery option is available for their location. Besides this, the plus will show the total price they will pay. While it is a premium plugin, it can streamline your shipment and improve user experience.



4. Booster for WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a basic e-commerce development platform. But if you wish to customize your store and outshine it in 2023, consider Booster for the WooCommerce plugin. It comes with a unique set of features such as global discounts, currencies, bulk price converting, and tools for making order quotations. Since Booster for WooCommerce has 110+ sets of features, you can create a customized e-commerce website. It is a paid plugin, and the average price is $97 per year.



5. Advanced Coupons


Customer engagements are essential to keep your online business alive even in the thickest competition. It is going to be more important in the coming years. If you want to avoid getting lost in the crowd, use Advanced Coupons. In addition to engaging with customers, the plugin increases your profits. When you offer discount coupons to your customers, it will encourage them to make purchases again. After all, that is the only way to avail of the benefits.

Using Advanced Coupons, you can create better offers that meet your customers’ needs and preferences. Some of the features are auto-apply coupons, buy-one-get-one offers, coupon URLs, shipping coupons, etc.



The conclusion


Is your aim to offer a comprehensive online shopping experience to customers? Then, these are must-have plugins for a WooCommerce store. But be mindful when choosing WooCommerce plugins because overloading your e-store is not a good idea. It may slow down your website and make it look unappealing. A thumb rule, the right plugin can offer you more control, functions, and personalization.

If you are looking for a reputed company dealing in WooCommerce plugins, SoftProdigy is your best bet. We offer complete and top-notch WooCommerce store development solutions.