Improving ecommerce website’s conversion rate is the most common concern people face, especially when the competition is all time high these days. However, in order to improve conversion, you don’t have to give your website a complete makeover. Using a few common tricks and a little effort to implement the best features using best Magento extensions is just as effective.

Most ecommerce strategies would emphasize focusing on investing in digital marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, content marketing and other marketing methods to drive more traffic to your website. While the marketing methods do help to drive traffic to your website, but these 5 ecommerce hacks can help convert them to buyers.


Top E-commerce Hacks To Increase Conversions Instantly


Leverage Videos

It is said, “A picture is worth thousands words,” but a videos is worth thousands images. For years, online marketing gurus have emphasized on the usage of videos on sales pages. Product images not just help improve user engagement, but also result in allowing users know better about the product without going through product description.

Product videos can help improve conversion when used properly. But, it is also worth keeping in mind that not all devices can play your videos like video players (like Adobe Flash) aren’t licensed on Apple devices. Follow these best practices to use video on your website:

  • Use video like you would use images
  • Include a written product description in addition to your video
  • Use split-testing or A/B testing when using videos

Capture Almost Conversions

Here we are talking about the abandoned carts. Your visitors land at your website, explore products, select desired products and add them to cart and then leave the website without processing to checkout page. The almost conversions are easier to convert as 90% of work is already done. Identify the reasons behind cart abandonment. The reasons may be design flaw, higher prices, additional shipping costs, etc.

If design and prices are perfect, then look for the checkout process and if it consists of multi-step checkout, then use one-page checkout extension to reduce the checkout process to one-page. Reports claim that about 63% of abandoned carts are potentially recoverably by retailers. Collect users’ information and send engaging reminders to encourage them to complete checkout process.

Leverage Social Presence

Social media platforms are the most common and effective ways to create a robust presence in the market. Create a social media presence and connect with the people who may be interested in buying your products. Social presence is useful for tapping into consumer psychology – they buy if others are happy with your products. Use the followings to enhance your social media presence:

  • Text, image and video testimonials
  • Online reviews and ratings
  • Store numbers and statistics

Additionally, allowing visitors and buyers to share your products on social media is a great support to engage more visitors and sell more using premium Magento extensions.

Simplify Guest Checkout

Online shopping is fun as long as the customers can easily complete the product purchasing. Modern buyers hate the lengthy and time wasting forms for registration, checkout, etc. Registration process may be important for you to capture buyers’ details for promotional and product delivery purposes, but what if you can get all the details without forcing them to signup? Guest checkout is the easiest way to do it. Allow users to provide email address and complete checkout process easily. Offering guest checkout can reduce cart abandonment significantly.

Allowing visitors to social media login is additional way to capture all their details while allowing them to complete checkout easily. An advanced Magento extension integration is all you need to make available social media login functionality.