Your work as an administrator in an online shopping store may be pretty time consuming. Nobody knows that better than us. We’re expert at Magento and Woocommerce extensions and since we’re aimed at making the life of WooCommerce users easier, we decided to share with you the top product we have available in stock to integrate the functionality of “Add Multiple Products To Cart with Custom Variant.”

This plugin is developed using the highly advanced and sophisticated WooCommerce coding methods, while ensuring the store performance at the same time. It’s easy to implement, and it can save tons of time when editing multiple products.

Add Multiple Products To Cart with Custom Variant is designed to ease the shopping experience of the modern buyers while allowing them to add all the desired products right from the product catalog. The extension makes the whole product buying process easier and comfortable for the shoppers as they are able to simply check on all the products they’re interested to buy and add them to cart by clicking on checkboxes. All this can be done from catalog page.

This is a customizable WooCommerce extension, offering the store admin the ability to select pages where the functionality must be operational. For example, if the admin wants to integrate the functionality only on a particular page, it is now possible with this plugin.

Along with this, the plugin also allows the store admin to display only the list of simple, configurable or variable products on any page using this simple short code - [amp_product product_type="variable"] [amp_product product_type="simple"].

What Makes It Great?

Add Multiple Products To Cart with Custom Variant is a great choice for the website owners who want to facilitate their shoppers with the most amazing functionality - add products to cart. Online buyers can easily add one or more products to cart with a single click right from the catalog page. It saves a lot of their time and efforts for those who want to place bulk order.


1. Customers can add various items to cart at once

After installing the extension on WooCommerce website, each item is displayed with a check box in the product listing pages. Shoppers can simply click on the checkboxes to select products and click on the “add to cart button.” Moreover, the shoppers can also click on the “Check all” button to choose all displayed products in the fastest way.

2. Empty Cart

If some unwanted products are added to the cart and the shopper wants to delete all the products at once, it’s not possible with the Add Multiple Products To Cart with Custom Variant in WooCommerce. They can click on “Empty Cart” and all products will be removed.

3. Select Color & Quantity

Once the products are added to cart, shopper can easily choose the product color and its quantity to complete shopping process and proceed to the checkout.

4. Customizable

This is an easy-to-use and customize plugin WooCommerce Cart Extension, allowing store admin to select on which pages the functionality should be available or not.