Imagine what would happen if you put all your products on your eCommerce website’s front page? It will make shopping worst experience with non-ending scrolling. User experience matters a lot when it comes to online shopping and since the competition is quite fierce, it’s even important to ensure better experience when the target visitor lands at the web page. It is imperative that a website has good search functionality. Customization can be an option, but nothing works better than the premium Magento extensions.

Here in this article, I’ve listed the top three Magento extensions used for improved search functionality that can help you engage and retain a large number of customers on your store without indulging in the customizations. And one more thing, the list is not a ranking list and the prices quoted here can change.

Quick Search By Brands (Magento1 and Magento2)

Quick Search by Brands Extension is a flexible, easy-to-use, customizable extension, aimed to help customers search products easily by brands for a wonderful user experience. This extension works by classifying all the listed brands in an alphabetical manner. It creates a bar above the main navigation menu where the complete list of all the brands will be available for buyers.

 Quick Search By Brands

Shoppers can simply hover over the alphabet and all the brands listed under a particular alphabet will be available for the shopper. Buyer can click on the desired brand and check all the products listed under that particular brand.

Quick Search by Brands Extension is available for both Magento1 and Magento2 versions.

Enhanced Ajax Auto Complete Search (Magento1)

Another great search extension available for online shopping stores is the Enhanced Ajax Auto Complete Search. This extension is designed to power-up your online Magento store with advanced default search feature by adding an Ajax based Autocomplete search functionality to make search on an online store a lot more fruitful, easy, and hassle free. This extension empowers the Magento store to deliver better shopping experience by suggesting best suitable products right from the first 3 letters entered in the search bar by the user.

Shopper can choose the product that he (or she) intended to search from the options displayed in the same place. It can be a great addition if the Magento website is having a wide range of products.

Quick Alphabetical Search (Magento1)

Alphabetical search

Searching products online in an eCommerce store can be tiresome if the buyer isn’t sure about the product full name and has only a vague idea about the name. Quick Alphabetical Search Extension makes searching fun and easy by listing all the products in a professional way alphabetically. This extension enables an online store owner to refine the user-experience at the website. This will integrate an ‘alphabetic search bar’ just below the main navigation, allowing the buyers to search products by names.

Shoppers can simply click on the alphabet and it will show the products that have Name attributes which are set searchable from admin.

Mega Menu Extension (Magento1)

Although it’s not directly linked to the search functionality, but it is somewhat related to it and the user experience. The Mega Menu Extension gives a brief description of Magento site within top navigation section. Shoppers can easily explore the featured products, categories. Store admin can easily improve the site navigation in a professional way by displaying all kind of information flexibly while optimizing the website’s navigation performance.

 Mega Menu Extension

 Mega Menu Extension is designed to organize your eCommerce website in a professional and synchronized manner.

This extension makes it easier for the shippers to navigate through the website as you can display your products and their categories in a menu format.


I have listed the top Menu and Search Extensions by Softprodigy for both the Magento1 and Magento2 platforms. Although these Magento extensions are aimed to enhance search functionality, but they’re also helpful in improving the overall shopping and navigation experience of the website. If you are aware of other such extensions, feel free to contribute your ideas and I’ll make sure to update the blog.