Website navigation pays an important role when it comes to user engagement. Customers these days are more inclined towards instant access to online products and appreciate faster and easier shopping process. If they find the website to be confusing and unplanned navigation, they’d leave your website and your competitors will benefit from it. Using premium Magento extensions can be a great choice, but it is important to make the right choice when choosing the best ones.

Granted Magento offers a great default navigation functionality, but the shoppers are no longer satisfied with default features and need something better than the others are offering. In order to help you make better decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best Magento extensions to enhance your website’s navigation. Each of the extensions were picked manually by experts. If your website is not using any of them, then it is suggested that you start using now.

Best Magento Extensions for Improved Website Navigation:

Quick Alphabetical Search Magento Extension

Sometimes online buyers know the product name and don’t want to type the whole name in the search bar. Simple, humans are lazy by nature and we prefer moving mouse than typing. And this is what the extension is aimed at. Quick Alphabetical Search adds an alphabetical search just below the main navigation bar, allowing customers to search the products in an alphabetically manner.

This is the right solution available for online shopping store owners to deal with the problem of unplanned navigation. This extension enables online store owners to refine the user-experience at the website. Shoppers can easily click on the alphabets and all the products listed under the alphabet will be visible. This is a customizable extension and the admin can set the font color for search links.

  • 1. Product searching made easier process by allowing shoppers to search products in an alphabetically manner.
  • 2. An alphabetic search bar is created right below the main navigation bar for better experience.
  • 3. It is designed for the default theme and store admin enjoys complete freedom to customize it for enhanced experience.
  • 4. Ecommerce website admin can set the font color for search link for enhanced beauty.

Mega Menu Magento Extension

Another great extension for enhanced navigation is the Mega Menu Extension, allowing admin to offer a brief description of the site within top navigation section. The extension is highly customizable, allowing store owners to improve the website navigation in a professional way as this makes it possible to organize your eCommerce website products in a professional and synchronized manner.

  • 1. With Mega Menu Magento Extension, it is easier to navigate through your website as all the products are displayed in a menu format.
  • 2. Store admin can customize the menu style with header, footer, main content and featured layout.
  • 3. Mega Menu Extension is designed for all devices and hence comes with fully responsive design and adapts perfectly every device resolutions.
  • 4. Store admin can choose to set menu color, header/footer content and images to match with the store theme using system configuration settings.
  • 5. It comes with different categories including Anchor, Static Categories, Default Categories, Dynamic Categories, Product List, Product Grid, and Custom HTML Menu.
  • 6. Shoppers can get in touch with admin using the ‘Contact Us’.

Quick Search By Brands Magento Extension

This is another highly advanced Magento extension, designed to enhance website navigation functionality. This allows online shoppers to check all the products on the basis of specific brands that are listed alphabetically on the store.  Quick Search By Brands Extension creates an alphabetical bar on top of the navigation bar.

This extension is aimed at simplifying the website navigation functionality and offering them to select the brand of their using simple drop-downs and enjoy the list of products listed under the particular brand name. It comes with a hover effect as well.

  • 1. Shoppers can navigate through products listed under the specific brands that are listed alphabetically.
  • 2. A new alphabetic search option is created just below the top navigation bar with all brands listed alphabetically.
  • 3. Shoppers can simply hover over the brand name to check all the products listed under a particular brand.