The holiday season is the most stressful time for us. Millions of people travel to spend time with their loved ones while billions send gifts to share love with others. Some get ready to welcome guests. But, the common thing about the festival seasons is that everyone has to buy presents for different people in their lives: family, friends, coworkers, etc.

And since most of the products are purchased in bulk, it is better that your website is making it easier for them to shop with better User Experience. Websites with better user experience tend to be time-saving solutions for them. I mean, won’t it be great if their online shopping experience wasn’t another source of stress? It is actually possible to make their online shopping experience less stressful with the help of a few changes in the design and functionality using premium Magento2 extensions.

With this goal in mind, I bring to you the top ways to improve User Experience on your online shopping website.


Make Pages Load Faster

You know festival season is quite busy as everyone is busy with some important tasks. And when buying products or gifts online, they expect the websites to load as faster as possible. A decrease in one-second delay in page loading time can lead to a 7 percent decrease in conversions. If your website fails to load within three seconds, nearly 40% of visitors will move to your competitors’ sites. In the online shopping industry, every second counts, so make sure your website loads quickly. There are many ways to do it – get better and robust hosting plan, hire professional developers, reduce external scripts, use compressed image, use third-party Magento2 extensions, etc.

Simplify flow path

This is another great way to help them shop faster and complete checkout process easily. Avoid the common UX mistakes like illegibility due to thin fonts or low contrast and scroll hijacking for smoother navigation options possible. And since they are looking for faster checkout experience, integrating Add Multiple products to cart Extension can be a great support. This extension makes product purchasing faster than ever before as shoppers can add products to cart instantly. Along with the basic functionality, this extension comes with additional features like the following:

  • Mention Quantity
  • Set Color & Size
  • Easy configuration at backend

Also, you can let users choose to purchase items as a guest or include social media login during the checkout process. While the options are endless, but the Add Multiple products to cart Magento 2.0 Extension stands above the top as shoppers can add as many products they want to with a single go.

Go Mobile Friendly

According to the figures, nearly 3 billion people across the globe are using smartphone and over 70% of total online searches are made via mobile devices. And Google also announced to hit the websites on search engines for not having mobile-friendly websites. This makes it important to make your website mobile-friendly. If you are not using a mobile website, then you are already losing out on a great number of sales as your users are not liking buying from you when they’re using smartphone.

For additional user experience, convert your store into a native Magento mobile app. investing in an app comes as a great relief as shoppers can explore products faster even during slow internet connection and save products for future without registration. Some of the common benefits of investing in app include:

  • Brings you a loyal audience
  • Loads content faster
  • Has an enhanced usability
  • Drives higher user engagement
  • Can use smartphone-based features (e.g. geo-targeting)
  • Conversion via push notifications

There are hundreds of other ways to improve user experience, but the above-mentioned ones stand atop while allowing you to boost your conversion rate and bottom line. Is there anything you think could be a part of the list? Leave them as a comment below!