magento eyeglasses prescription plugin

If giving a great shopping experience to the customers on your eyewear e-commerce store is your main agenda, Magento is your GO-TO solution. Why? Because this next-generation technology offers a variety of extensions to breathe life into your business. Whether you are planning to sell household items, clothing accessories, or even prescription eyeglasses, Magento can never let you down. Well, that’s what over 250,000 merchants all over the world say.

When Should You Consider a Magento Plugin?

If you want to add a new feature or functionality to your Magento2 e-commerce store, the first thing you should do is find out what you need and why. Here, relying on a robust extension is the best way to bring your ideas to life. As Magento2 offers a lot of extensions, you can easily add the desired functionality to your online store. What’s worth mentioning is that you could be able to generate upto 60-80% of more sales as compared to other CMSs.

With the help of Magento2 extensions, you can surely deliver an interactive and enjoyable shopping experience. You can browse online for the best extensions for your e-commerce store and install the right ones to deliver magnificent functions. Thanks to the ever-growing and evolving Magento Community. It works hard on the latest updates to make online selling simpler, for businesses as well as for shoppers.

At present, there are a number of companies offering Magento2 extensions from the scratch. SoftProdigy is among them, proving out-of-the-box Magento solutions in the e-commerce landscape. If you are considering optimizing your eyewear store, you can rely on their robust Magento Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin.

Glasses Prescription Plugin Magento – Deliver the Best Shopping Experience

The Magento Prescription Eye Contact Lens Extension is a smart choice for creating an online store and start selling prescription lenses. The plugin helps you add eyewear products based on their power, cylinder, axis, base curve, and diameter.

Also, you can provide shopping options for both the eyes of your customers, such as they will have an easy option to choose the prescribed lens type and enter details of the prescription lenses.

In Short

If you want to turn your lens store into an online place where your shoppers can easily purchase the lenses prescribed to them, all you need to do is integrate your e-commerce store with the innovative Magento Eyeglasses Prescription Plugin today.

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