E-commerce is gripping all industries as fast as a trend. The latest addition to this list is eyewear industry. Lots of businesses active in the domain of eyewear are fast going digital. Thanks to the fast-growing popularity of eyewear and prescription glasses as a style statement in many parts of the world.


In case you also plan on starting your own eyewear and prescription glasses business online, the two most important things you will need are Magento 2 Prescription Eye Contact Lens Configurator extension and a systematic approach.



This systematic approach can be executed only when you are familiar with all of its ingredients. Knowledge in this regard is essential for you to launch your own eyewear and prescription glasses business online.


Let’s now take a look at the key ingredients of this systematic approach.


Plan your business:


This is the most important part of the whole process. You need to do a lot to launch your eyewear. You should include a number of things-to-do in your plan. For example:

-> Choose a domain name. 

-> Choose the platform your online eyewear and prescription glasses store will run on.

-> Plan the structure of your website.

-> Relevant products you want to list on your store.


Choose and integrate Magento 2 Contact lens Prescription configurator extension with your store.

These are some things that you need to take into account while devising a plan for launching your eyewear and prescription glasses business online.




This is another key thing you will need to obtain for running your business legally. The process of licensing differs from state to state or country to country. Meaning, you will need to obtain a license for this purpose according to the rules and regulations of your own state or country. Obtaining a license will benefit your business in many ways.


Do some research about your market and competition:


In addition to launching your online eyewear store and integrating Magento 2 Prescription Eye Glasses Configurator extension, doing some research about target market and competition on business front is also necessarily advised. This approach will help you know two key things to grow your eyewear and prescription glasses store online:


-> The requirements and expectations of your targeted market.

-> What your competitors are doing?


This will help you have a better plan in place for launching your own eyewear and prescription glasses business online.


Installation of Extension


Having an effective budget plan, marketing and finding reliable dealers ready to supply products at a reasonable price are a couple of things. However, another key thing you should include in this list is the integration of magento 2 prescription eye lens product creator extension for many reasons.



 This list of reasons includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following only:


-> Allows you to show both products on the same page

-> Management of sun color index

-> Speedy processing or orders

-> Displaying tier prices

-> Putting validations


This is the most important thing you need to know about. Designed and developed, SoftProdigy, Magento 2 Prescription Eye Contact Lens Configurator  has everything needed to help you launch a perfect eyewear and prescription glasses online store.




Advance Prescription Lens Configurator Magento2 Extension is an advanced way to create your own lens store where shoppers can purchase prescription lenses with an option to choose lens type, lens option, prescription details, and a lot more easily.

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