A visitor explores products, a cart is created, a lead is born.

The same process happens millions of times each day. It’s a common process for the eCommerce websites, but it’s not simple. There are several little factors involved in lead generation for eCommerce businesses. As long as you’re upholding the company’s ethics, there’s no need to worry about the right or wrong ways of lead generation, but some methods have long-term impact than others. While integrating premium Magento extensions make it a great choice, utilizing some other practices prove to be great support for lead generation.


Some lead generation methods will produce big results, while other move the needle by a few mere percentage points.

So we want to help you grow your sales. We’ve collected the best practices for eCommerce to help you turn your website into a lead generation machine to keep the ball rolling. These tips are easy to implement so you can start earning revenue fast.


Set Up an Email List

Setting up an email list is the best practice to start with eCommerce lead generation. It’s because emails have the greatest response rate when it comes to marketing methods. Stats describe that people still real emails and enjoy getting promotional emails from businesses, making it one of the most effective ways to communicate with and nurture leads.

Sending emails to prospective buyers a few times a week can be a great way to keep leads coming. Try Mailchimp as it’s the best way to start with as a beginner. Also, you can try some Magento extensions to easily send emails using multi-lingual templates.


Design an Opting For Your Email List

After you have prepared a list of email contacts, it’s time to get some subscribers. When creating a form to attract more subscribers, make sure it doesn’t look like a form. With an easy-to-understand and complete subscription form, you can:

  • Benefit from smart targeting so you get better results.
  • Engage more visitors to your store.


Create a Lead Magnet

Want to know what’s more engaging and effective than a simple email signup campaign? It’s where customers get a payoff. By payoff, we mean lead magnet. It is something that you give your customers in exchange of their email address. For example, you can offer discount offer, free ebook, reward points, etc. for newsletter subscription or any other subscription. The best lead magnets are simple and easy to understand and solve the problems of the prospects. The lead magnet can make them want to buy from you.


Here are some things that your lead magnet should do:

  • Solves a real problem
  • Promises one quick win
  • It should be super specific
  • Quick and easy to digest
  • Instantly accessible
  • Demonstrates your expertise


Offer Discounts

Believe it or not, online shoppers are always looking for discount offers and can ditch their trusted brand if they get the same product at a lower price from competitors. In fact, 71% online shoppers say that their purchase decisions are based on discount they get.

You can offer some discount coupons for subscribing your newsletter or for registration. This is easy to do with Reward Points Magento Extension that allows shoppers to get free reward points for various actions they take on your Magento store. These reward points can be used for future purchases. This encourages prospects to engage more on your website to get more rewards and to buy more.


That’s it!

In summary, the strategies mentioned in the blog post will help you generate more leads. However, remember that nothing comes overnight and you need to wait. You won’t necessarily see results immediately, and you have to be consistent in order to drive results.