Everyone likes saving money, especially during festival season as it makes life a lot easier. Needless to say, Holi is one of the liveliest festivals. From children to the elderly, everyone celebrates the festival of colors with zest and vigour. Along with series of fun events, shopping is what makes Holi celebration even more enjoyable. So are you ready for the shopping spree?  We at SoftProdigy are set to offer discounts on Holi like never before.



Why make the most of this discount offer before Holi 2019:


You have numerous reasons to make the most of the discount offer launched by SoftProdigy on the occasion of Holi 2019. Let’s take a good look at some of the key reasons below:


A penny saved is a penny earned!


This is something you need to understand. Every single penny saved is additional adds to the revenue of your business and increases profit.


Discounts can be a good way of adding to a business’s profit:


Absolutely right! You may know multiple ways to save money and add to the profit of your business. But most of the business owners need to realize the importance discount offers for taking their business’s profit to the next level.




Why pay full money for something you can get at less price?


In simple words, need Magento 1, Magento 2 or WooCommerce extensions to improve your customers’ experience with your products, services, and online store? If yes, why then pay full money when you can get them on a hefty discount and add to your business’s profit the other way? Scratch your head about it!


Availability of extra money to deal with business emergencies:


This is another reason for you to avail SoftProdigy’s 20% Holi discount 2019 on buying Magento 1, Magento 2 and WooCommerce extensions for the growth of your online business. It is because ups and downs are part and parcel of business. Business emergencies strike like a bolt from the blue and catch you off-guard. You need money to deal with them! This is a huge reason why you should avail 20% discount launched by SoftProdigy this Holi.


Avail Discounts at SoftProdigy

SoftProdigy always embraces Magento in a new manner and constantly strives to improve its work and stretch its creativity to provide outstanding customer solutions based on new trends and client’s feedback. The festival of colors is undoubtedly special in all ways. You offer sweets to friends and family members with utmost dedication. To make the festival more colourful, SoftProdigy announces 20% discount on all its Magento Extensions. Wishlist here are always plenty and coupon codes are available on Holi festival.

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Holi is one of the most joyful festivals as it celebrates the triumph of good over bad. SoftProdigy is offering amazing Holi discounts on varied Magento extensions. Don’t miss once in a lifetime opportunity and avail discounts during the festive season.

Splash colors and play your heart out this Holi. SoftProdigy wishes you a safe, colourful and joyful Holi.