The most common challenge that online shopping industry faces these days is increasing traffic and competition. This results in new shopping websites facing problem in growing their business. Knowing where to start and how to stand out from the competition is a daunting challenge for ecommerce startups. Utilizing premium Magento extensions, engaging design and above all, using best digital marketing strategies is the key to grow your ecommerce business.

Leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with proper strategy drives more traffic to their eCommerce site, resulting in growing your brand on the virtual world.

After all, having a great website is not enough for a strong online presence.

So if you’re ready to rise high among the competition and grab more of that traffic, you need to integrate the following digital marketing strategies:

Target Mobile Visitors

Mobile devices are trending with more than 2.8 billion people using smartphones around the world. The technology has revolutionized every sector and ecommerce is the most affected one. Mobile users are always looking for something online via their mobile apps and it is imperative to make their experience more effective to have them visit your ecommerce business shopping store repeatedly.

Use compressed images, optimize website design, use mobile-friendly layout so they can easily go through your website and explore products they’re looking for easily compared to desktops.

Use Good Content

People these days not only use internet to buy products or hire a professional, but also to get educated about the particular they’re interested about. For example, if they’re looking for home contractors, they may also want to go through a few ideas to make the home eco-friendly. When your website has the informative content, more people will visit you quite often.

Error-free engaging, and quality content is good fit for online shoppers and explorers. Additionally, it also helps you stay above the competition on search results as search engines love websites with unique and good content.

Opt Email Marketing

Of the several digital marketing techniques, email marketing holds the most important place. Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective way to drive more traffic, engage more users and convert them into buyers.

You need not to be an expert for launching an email marketing campaign, simply use best reliable Magento extensions and you can start sending emails to your target audience in their local language. And the emails you send are optimized for mobile to target more visitors via mobile devices.

Better Results with PPC

Getting more visitors to your website may be a difficult task, especially for the startups. Using paid marketing techniques like PPC can help generate web traffic very quickly for your site. Use the best keywords and statistics to identify your target audience and to launch an effective PPC campaign and various digital marketing campaign.

PPC campaign is an effective digital marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses to target a larger group of customers through the ads that you have been charged for.

On-Site Promotions

Well this may be something new for the eCommerce store owners, but launching the on-site promotions can actually result to double your conversions within no time. Use the best Magento extensions to launch promotions on your website such as daily deals, share me coupons, request a quote, free gifts, gift wraps, etc.

You need not to invest in the paid marketing as you can easily launch the promotions on your website from backend when you have the suitable Magento extension.


Staying updated with the current digital marketing trends is crucial for online shopping businesses to target more visitors and to improve ROI. Digital marketing allows store owners to reach out to target customers in a variety of ways while allowing them to monitoring website analytics and sales to examine trends to keep the website optimized for better results!